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The Trocks

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Just curious to hear what you all think of them. I have not seen them dancing but think it is great that the men can dance just as good on pointe as the girls.


Allot of peope feel that pointe is for the ladies and lifts for the men but as long as the Classics stay that why I can not see what is wrong with the Trocks if they enjoy themselfs and gives the people something to laugh about, what is wrong with it ?


Freddie :yes:

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I caught them on tv a few years ago. I thought they were hilarious. I had no idea they were all men till they did a lift. I had to do a double take. Their rendition of the Dying Swan was awesome.


It was a little depressing though. Their Odette had way better legs than me :yes:

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They are funny, but that's just it. They have a definite goal in mind, that of satire and parody. I don't see ballet going back to an all-male company each wearing a 150 kilo tonnelet, so of course, that would mean no pointe work, as that style of ballet came long, long, before pointe.

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One of the Trocks used to go to my DD's studio. He is a great guy & fantastic dancer. He comes back as a ballet master for our Nut almost every year. :(

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Guest balletmom1

DD and I had the wonderful opportunity to see the Trocks at Lincoln Center Out of Doors last summer (2003) - the performance was FREE! We really enjoyed them. Yes, they are amusing, but they are also great dancers. We were able to see the dying swan, also a bit of Stars/Stripes if I recall.

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You gotta give those guys credit, they dance en pointe and can have fun with it too!


Do women play the male parts? Pas de Duex would be even funnier!


I've partnered Amazo..... I mean taller women, en pointe, and it is very tough to do. I can imagine a female partnering a tall man in pointe shoes must be near impossible.

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I love them- not only are they really funny, but they are incredible dancers. I started going to see them in the 70's , when they were good on pointe, but nothing compared to what they can do now- the lead dancers who play Kitri, black Swan etc. in their perfomances are amazing- they do triple fouetes and all kinds of stuff.

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What is the difference between the Trocs and Grandivas? Because the Grandivas also have a funny satire version of the Dying Swan. (and also legs for days :D )

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I've never heard of the Grandivas, but from the name, they sound like they are the same sort of company as the Trocks. Where are they from? Where do they usually perform? Are they all male? I now there are a few groups like this out there. I would like to see them if they ever come to New York or New Jersey.

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Check out this link: http://www.balletsgrandiva.com/


They seem to have their biggest fans in Japan though. I was just curious because you talked about the Trock's version of the Dying Swan and I've seen the Grandiva's version of the Dying Swan...wonder if/how they differ?

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I did not had the opertunity (sp) to see them life but received the DVD in this week. I think they are quite good and funny. THey really inspire me to work harder on my pointe work. Just shows youy what ever the ladies do we can do it just as good. :P:P:):wink::grinning:


Freddie :P:grinning:

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i had a fabulous time at my first viewing of the trocks live on sat night. living in an arts desert means that we don't get to watch many overseas performers so i was so glad when i knew the trocks were coming to town, i went ahead and grabbed my tickets.


i had watched them on tv and dvd before, so i had an idea of what it was going to be like, but it was even more fantastic watching them live. the introduction they gave at the beginning was enough to get the audience laughing ("please kindly refrain from taking flash photography because they remind our fragile dancers of Bolshevik gunfire). :):sweating::lol:


the swan lake had my seatmates in tears. i was wonderfully impressed by their don quixote pas de deux and the dying swan....need i mention the feathers?


but the best part of the evening was their encore. my sis and i couldn't stop clapping when, at the end of the show, they stood in a straight line to take their "bows", and the cavalier stood into the spotlight into.......the riverdance pose. :blink:


yes, 13 men in tutus and pointe shoes and 1 in cavalier wear started river-dancing!! we couldn't stop giggling and cheering. i had the time of my life. if only they'll come back again soon...

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