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attacking jumps that turn


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Normally I love to jump -- I love nothing better than a big jump combination across the floor. But. . . the only time I've fallen and injured myself in class was doing a saut de basque and to this day, I tense up anytime I have to do a jump that turns. We did saut de basques in class the other day and I could feel myself deliverately pull back on height. Finally I pushed myself and was very tentative coming down.


I'm wondering the best way to think about this so that I can push myself past the resistance.

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To get out of this rut, hit that entering battement for the saut de basque with all you've got, then just let the rest of the assembly rise to meet it in the air as you turn, slowly, only once.


The first time I ever did double saut de basques was when I was asked, "Can you do them?" I said, "I dunno, I've never tried." "Just do a saut de basque, but don't stop and come down, just go around twice." "OK." Thwackthwack. "I guess I can!"

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Major Mel, thanks so much!!! There were saut de basques today, I hit that battement, went right up, did my assemble/turn 'way high up in the air' and came down, landed just fine and had a great time!

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