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Sickling Feet


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I have a problem, my dance teacher is constantly trying to correct my sickled feet. I really am trying not to sickle them, but I find it really hard! Its worse in pirouettes and pas de bourree (spelling and terminology?)


Is there anything I do to teach myself not to sickle?

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Yes, Jenny. First, sit on the floor and study your foot as you point it. Make it in a straight line from the knee. Then pronate (turn it in from the ankle) slightly, and then out slightly, and back to center. Make your foot FEEL the difference in the straight versus sickle in or out position.


Then, stand up and do it with a tendu devant. Find the correct foot in the tendu, rotate the leg, and then take THAT exact shape foot to cou de pied devant, and then take THAT exact shape to retiré pirouette position. Practice this over and over until your FOOT understands where it is correct and where it isn't. The better you use your rotation in these position, the better your foot will be.


When you have this, then practice it with a relevé to the pirouette position, and also with your pas de bourrées. A sickle foot is usually caused by lack of rotation and/or over-pointing. It is a habit, and the way to break a habit is to create a new one. So, "groove" in the correct position of the foot by repetition, repetition, and MORE REPETITION!!! :(

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