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Hi everyone. I am recovering from hip surgery and have started taking classes again. I'm going to start doing pointe work again in about 3 weeks, and am wondering how exactly I should start that. Should I start with just doing eleves and releves at the barre and no center, or can I go ahead and do center without turning and thiings like that? Also, how many classes do you think it'll be before I can do pirouettes (or attempt to)? This is more for the moderators. THanks in advance!

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Jenna, if, by the time you get back on pointe you are doing full technique classes and having no problems from the injury, I would think that you would be able to do most of pointe class as well. Maybe the first couple of days you should stay at the barre, since you have been off such a long time, but then gradually increase the time and amount of work you do. Pretty much the same restrictions, if any, that apply to technique would apply to pointe work.

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Right, that's what I was thinking. I was more worried about having trouble balancing again and things of that nature than anything. Worried about getting into trouble doing things like pirouettes and things like that, I don't want to fall and get another injurry :-( I will probably stay at the barre for the first week or so, and then start modifying center slowly. Hopefully it won't take long!

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