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Guest dancingthroughlife

I used to be quite flexible but then I had a HUGE growthspurt EXTREMELY quickly, and ever since I haven't been as flexible as I used to be. :sleeping: I still have mini growthspurts every now and then. I was wondering, is my lack of flexibility caused because my muscles haven't agusted to my major growthspurt yet? If so, will I become more flexible once they become ajusted? :helpsmilie:

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Yes, and yes :sleeping: The growth spurts cause all sorts of problems, and once they are over and your muscles catch up, you will be fine! :helpsmilie:

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I'm still growing and my left hip is starting to hurt. But my teacher just keeps telling me that it is just my groth sperts thats making it hurt. I'm scared because my family has a hip prblem in the family, all my sisters have hip problem. is my teacher right or am i getting hip problem at a young age?

Thank you

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Hello sugarbabe, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :shrug:


We cannot know whether your hip problem is genetic or growth spurt or even incorrect use of your rotation, which is usually pushing it too far beyond your natural ability. In this situation I would strongly advise seeing an Orthopedic doctor, and really think it is very important for you to find one who knows and works with dancers. Contact the professional company nearest to you, like Ballet Met, for instance, and find out who their physician is. :D

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