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ADC first August session

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Greetings, Anne:


Sorry I missed our annual reunion this year. I'm already making plans to get back to Richmond next summer.


In my critique last year, I mentioned that access to the music used for our performance pieces was a critical element. I even had Pedro burn me a copy of the men's variation so I could rehearse it privately and take it home. Obviously that suggestion didn't get addressed yet.


ADC may run into a copyright problem if they start burning CDs for everyone, but a giving out a handout with the CD title, album ID number and cut should be general policy. Heidi seems very interested in accepting suggestions, so you should push for that.



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Hi, Scott! Missed you, too. Hope you're feeling much better and soon to return to the studio. Next year, OK??


Heidi did post the music info along with the line-up at the theatre. I, however, neglected to make note of it. I am hoping someone else did.

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