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The ligaments on the back of the knee are overstretching, ping. Be careful! Are you hyperextended? Sometimes that will cause this problem. Another thing that can cause this is overstretching the backs of the knees by doing that awful exercise of sliding down the barre. :D If you are at all hyperextended, or even just very tight, that stretch can be really dangerous. That could be causing the problem and you are feeling it when you try to do splits.

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Guest dancinabbs

Is the sliding down the barre stretch (fixed! :D ) where you have your leg up and you slide? lol I guess it is, but I want to make sure I know which stretch it is because I have that problem too sometimes.

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Yes, that's it Abbs. It's really a bad stretch in several ways. Besides the oversplit, which puts strain on the knees, most people also roll in the supporting ankle and knee and also put way too much pressure on the achilles tendon of the leg that is on the barre. BAD STRETCH! :D


*Note spelling of the word "stretch" :wink:

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Why are you doing a turned IN split? What good is that going to do for your ballet positions?

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Ping, are your knees hurting in anything else you are doing? Anything at all? If not, then just do not do splits right now. And be very sure you are working OUT of your hyperextension, and not pushing back into it. It requires the weight of the body to be very forward, not back in the heels. You can stretch on the barre, just don't slide out. Put leg on barre and bend forward if it's in front, and side if it's side. No sliding.

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