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Books: Classical Ballet Technique

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Ballet for Dummies by Scott Speck and Evelyn Cisneros is just another in the long line of franchise titles "for Dummies". It's not in the same league as the Warren, and not for the same readership.

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Oh.....I was confused because this thread is about Gretchen Ward Warren's Classical Ballet Technique, so I thought Tantalus was calling her book, "Ballet for Dummies" :yucky:

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I started to read 'Ballet for Dummies' once, but put it down after seeing one too many inaccuracies. I really don't think it's well written.

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Picked up this book yesterday. It is very hard to put down. Not only does this book have excellent photographs of proper technique with excellent written explanations, it also has photographs of incorrect technique right next it so you can see the slight nuances between correct and incorrect. I feel kind of sorry for this book. Right now it still looks pristine. Its days in this condition are numbered!

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Ms Warren has been one of my DD's favorite teachers at SI this summer! I will have to order this book for her.

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What SI does she teach?

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