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Lifting my hips up

Guest Alive2Dance

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Guest Alive2Dance

My teacher always tells me that I need to worry about my hips not being lifted in front enough. You know what I mean, dont tuck lift from the front kind of thing. I often find it hard to keep my hips lifted at the barre when I am doing basically anything. She's always reminding me, lift your hips more, fight it! And I try really hard. I feel like it has improved and I assume that will continue to improve, but does anyone else ever have this problem? And what could I do to make it a little easier. The only thing I know of is just stretching them. Or is there more to it?

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No, it's not about stretching, it's about alignment, and weight placement. If your pelvic bones are going down instead of up, it's a matter of using the abdominal muscles, which strengthen the lower back, and then using the buttocks and the tops of the thighs to align everything and keep it in place. You must also keep the weight of the body from shifting back into the heels. Put the clothespins on those hip bones! :(

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