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I'm trying to get my schedule for next school year worked out, but I need some advice.


Right now, I have ballet and modern on wednesdays, fridays and saturdays for a total of 8 to 10 hours, depending on the number of rehearsals. Only, the ballet classes in that school aren't very good. I want to add one more day of classes. I can take either a very good ballet class on mondays, or a tap and a jazz class on thursdays, and i don't know which to take. I want to keep improving ballet, but I know I also need to take jazz and tap. My goal is to dance in musicals. I know I will be able to take both in a year. I will also be able to take both jazz and tap workshops during the year and in summer, more so than ballet.


Any good advice on which classes to pick?

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Take the better ballet class. The more ballet technique you have, the better you will be in everything, except perhaps tap :offtopic: But since you can take other tap and jazz classes through the year and more next year, then get the good ballet this year.

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Even though Ms. Leigh already re-plyed I thought I could add something. Take the ballet! The more ballet you have the more cast-able! Simply for the fact you have ballet training on a resume! So, take the ballet. (the technique helps too! :thumbsup: )

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Bumping this old thread


So school is off for 2 months. (Whoopie) so that means more ballet time!




Monday- None


Tuesday - 4.15 to 5.15 RAD Grade 6

6.45 to 8.30pm Open Class en pointe throughout (sometimes flats)


Wednesday-5.30 to 7pm RAD Grade 6


Thursday - 1pm to 2pm Pilates

6 to 7.30pm Open Class (Teacher made it a condition to allow me to attend if I only attend it on alt weeks)


Friday- None


Saturday- 10.30am to 12pm RAD Intermediate

12pm to 1.30pm RAD Grade 6


Sunday- None


Okay I just realised that I am taking too many RAD classes. Grade 6 exam is at the end of the month hence more classes. I only plan to take Intermediate next year with the new syllabus. RAD is like the King of Ballet here and I can count within my 10 fingers how many studios offer open classes here.....

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