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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, LaVoie! Yours question is probably one that quite a few dancers have wondered about.


Although I'm far from a dancer, I do know about this organization and they do have a listing for scholarships. Click on this link for Career Transitions for Dancers and be sure to really read all the information on the website. It is supposed to be an excellent organization and I hope it will be helpful to you in your search.


There may well be others who will have some feedback for you, but I wanted to offer you this reputable site. :thumbsup:

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I couldn't really find anything for this when I searched so I'm sorry if there are a million topics about this. I was wondering how hard it is in general to get a college dance scholarship. I know that this depends enormousely on the specific college, but can you tell me what would be expected in general? I've seen some (VERY small) college dance companies perform and it seemed to be much more expression and feeling than about body or flashy technique, so I was wondering if the audition would be like this too, if that's what they're looking for. I know this is kind of an impossible question but I know nothing about it so anything at all you can tell me would be much appreciated :blushing:

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Knock, knock

I'm not a moderator so I'm not sure if this is appropriate, but I would have to say that each college probably has different criteria for giving out dance scholarships just as each college has different criteria for giving out academic scholarships-though those probably have more unifom standards-and that probably there is nothing universal about the process. The only obvious thing that I can think of is that a program that is modern-based might be more interested in modern technique/ability/potential than a ballet based program.


One of my friends received a dance scholarship at a modern-based college program. She is a strong dancer and I was not surprised to see her receive a scholarship. She has more ballet training than modern, though, but I guess she had what they were looking for!

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