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Keego Harbor, just passed West Bloomfield on Orchard Lake Road.


where Franklin rd, Square Lake Road, and Telegraph come together in Bloomfield Hills.

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The studio that I'm currently attending is in Novi -- Academy of Russian Classical Ballet. They just recently moved to this new location. You can visit their website at Academy of Russian Classical Ballet

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I would have liked to recommend Iacob Lascu, the wonderful Romanian teacher whose school I once visited in Bloomfield Hills. He was the driving force of ballet in the Detroit area, but I was saddened to read he died of cancer this past May. He also taught at Marygrove College for 25 years. If you have questions in the future about where to take, perhaps someone from that college could direct you. Also, a scholarship has been established in his name.

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My DD is 13 1/2 and has been seriously taking ballet for 6 years. She has an excellent instructor, but we think the studio might not be equipped to train her to be a professional dancer, as she wants to be. We would love some advise on studios in Oakland County, MI.

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I have heard things about Geiger Ballet Academy and the Michigan Classical Ballet Company. It may be worth a look.

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I would like to suggest looking into The Academy of Russian Classical Ballet located in Novi. My daughter looked all over southeast Michigan and Sergey Rayevskiy was definitely the best in her opinion. Their website is www.russianclassicalballet.com


My daughter also tried Geiger (www.geigerballet.com) but at the time what they were offering was not acceptable. Their highest level classes were only 1 hour and 15 minutes long and part of the time they used to change into pointe shoes. Nah, that wasn't going to work. I have heard (this is not hearsay, I know it for a fact) that a master teacher came along and told them that what they were offering was not sufficient and they were going to make some changes. You'll have to find out whether they did for yourself. My daughter did not consider this studio in the running. Yours may love it. Everyone has different needs.


There is also the Flint Institute of Music and Dance. I know they have a website, but you'll have to do a search. My daughter has several friends who have danced there and are lovely dancers.


Please just remember to take your time and make your own decisions, or rather let your daughter. Good luck.

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I would like to suggest looking into The Academy of Russian Classical Ballet located in Novi.  My daughter looked all over southeast Michigan and Sergey Rayevskiy was definitely the best in her opinion.  Their website is www.russianclassicalballet.com


Yes! I attend that studio right now -- Academy of Russian Ballet of Jessica and Sergey Rayevskiy. It is the best around here we have ever found. Our teachers are very high-level professionals, and they understand the true beauty of ballet, music, as well as how to teach... :thumbsup: Even if you start class tired, you don't feel exhausted after, but warm through every part of your body, and often wanting to start class from the beginning :sweating:. The studio is oriented toward pre-pro, though if you are taking ballet just for fun, it is still great. The classes offered are technique, pointe, variations, stretch/conditioning, character and folk, polynesian, and even pas de deux (you can choose which classes you want to take -- there aren't any requirements). They are always willing to work with everyone, correct, and inspire B). Moreover, the atmosphere is exceptionally nice, very much like "home," and the teachers are really friendy to everyone. I enjoy the classes a lot.


Here is the link to their website.


If you have any questions, let me know, and I'll answer.

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ABT Wannabe

I suggest either Academy of Russian Classical Ballet, Cornelia's School of Dance, Rochester School of Dance. They are all serious studios.

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mohnurka - You are an extremely fortunate dancer. I wish all dancers could be so lucky. The Academy of Russian Classical Ballet has now added Slavka Jelinkova to their list of excellent instructors. This has always (the last few years) been my daughter's "Dream Studio" - having both Sergey and Slavka. I even hesitated to tell her when I found out, but I knew she would be happy for them. I will always recommend this studio.


ABT Wannabe - You are very wise. Trying to be diplomatic, I may have led people on about Geiger. I would never recommend this studio to anyone. I just assumed that anyone who tried the studio would discover that on their own. It was obvious to my child. Thank you for your honesty.

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Guest onpointe23

I agree that The Academy of Russian Classical Ballet of Jessica and Sergey Rayevskiy is a very fine ballet academy. I do have to say that Sergey is quite the charming one. :thumbsup: They both are exellent. I suggest anyone who is in need of a very fine ballet academy, to check The Academy of Russian Classical Ballet out. I am sure they will be very pleased :lol: .



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Does anyone know of any good, well-known pre-professional ballet schools near the Ann Arbor/Detroit area?? My family is looking to move there :unsure: and I'm not sure if they have any good ballet programs. :D

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