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Welcome xoxdancecutiexox to Ballet Talk for dancers. Please take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the Board so you are able to benefit the most from what our community has to offer.


The Geiger Classic Ballet is a school that has been training high level dancers in the Detroit area for quite a while. The school is associated with Regional Dance America and will be participating in the RAD reunion this spring. At this time I cannot give you any information on The Academy of Russian Classical Ballet but I will see what I can find. May I suggest however that you make an appointment to visit both schools or all schools that you have interest to attend. One can learn a lot from visiting a school.

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Guest xoxdancecutiexox

I am very interested in The Academy of Russian Classical Ballet. I have heard that Sergey is very "Charming" :wink: I am interested in what they offer.


I have heard that Geiger Classic Ballet Academy was once the Michigan Ballet Company.

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Yes, I suggest looking into the Academy of Russian Classical Ballet. They offer Technique for dancers who want to go proffesional, and for dancers who want to dance for fun. They also offer Conditioning, Character Dance, Polish Dancing, Polynesian, Folk, Pointe, and Variations.


They offer 7 different ballet levels for pre-pro dancers. They have 2 performances in the year- The Nutcracker and a Spring Performance(Usually a classical ballet).


Their atmorsphere has a very homey effect!


Go to www.russianclassicalballet.com for more info.

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My dd was at Academy of Russian Classical Ballet for a short time before her current pre-pro school found out and asked us to adhere to their curriculum.



Sergey is indeed a very attentive teacher who seems to correct and pay attention to all his students, not just the most talented. He is very demanding and wants flexibility and turnout to be maximized at all times! He is very much a "hands-on" teacher and my dd liked his teaching style. The school itself seems to emphasize an overall teaching style. Meaning, they don't only work turnout or flexibility, but that they work those things as well as upper body awareness, epaulment', etc.


My dd didn't have a chance to work with his wife, Jessica. She does have a teacher at her current pre-pro school that taught at A.R.C.B. Slavka Jelinkova. She's quite a wonderful teacher as well:)

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I don't know if anyone is interested, but here is another tidbit of information. As previously mentioned, Metropolitan Ballet Academy is housed at the Novi Sports Club. The Academy of Russian Classical Ballet (ARCB) is around the corner off of 10 mile Road. ARCB follows the Vaganova syllabus. MBA is "classical ballet" (you will get different styling depending on the person leading the class). Visit the programs to make a decision that fits the style you are looking to follow for your training. Just as an aside, the AD at ARCB was the lead teacher at MBA in 2002. He began ARCB in 2004 in order to present a pure Vaganova syllabus, so students wouldn't get confused with different styling. ARCB also has wonderful master classes with Kirov and Bolshoi dancers (and the dancers are still dancing not retired!). The Rayevskiys have connections. If they could get the funds to build a facility with housing, they could be a residency program. The staff is as professional as any residency school.

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:yes: Hi Everyone,


I was wondering if anyone knew of any adult ballet classes in Oakland or Macomb county? My dance teacher owned and operated Lo-Ru School of Dance in St. Clair Shores for 50 years. She taught until she became very ill @ 82! The dance world lost a great pioneer and I lost a mentor and a friend. Ballet classes @ Lo-Ru were challenging and disciplined. Pointe classes were an hour and 1/2 and very challenging to say the least. We danced with the Lake St. Clair Symphony on several occasions and made life-long friends. If anyone knows about any great Michigan studios I would welcome the input.


Thank you!

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Carmen Wade teaches an excellent advanced class at Great Lakes Athletic Center in lake Orion, MI --right by Great Lakes Crossing, exit 84 I-75 then north on Baldwin (very hard and intensive--be warned!) ballet, pointe and Ballet Cardio , on Monday nights and Saturdays during the day. She offers drop-in pricing as well. She is my dd long time ballet teacher. Amazing!



As well another teacher, Christine teaches excellent adult ballet classes, 6 days per week, mornings, in Keego Harbor MI at Cornelia's School of Dance. 248-681-5376. She does not work of Cornelia but uses her studio and I am sure they would give you class info. She teaches both ballet and pointe. My dd is pre-pro and goes there on breaks. An occasional retired or vacationing ballerina is in the class as well, and they all find the classes useful. :grinning::thumbsup:

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There are classes taught by Suzanne Hawkins at Gotta Dance Studio in Sterling Heights. Not great floors, but the class is great. She used to do Wednesday and Sunday mornings and some nights, but I am not sure what her schedule is at the moment.


There are also some adult classes being offered at the Detroit Opera House. Wednesday and Friday, I think. I don't know the teacher of the Wednesday class, but the Friday evening teacher is excellent. She teaches at Wayne State and has been on the faculty for the ABT intensive for many years. Good luck in your search!



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I am a teacher and take Christina's class regularly on Sunday mornings. Here is her website

http://adultballet.googlepages.com/home. An excellent professional level class with great artistry.


I have studied with Suzanne Hawkins as well, and I know that she has an evening class on Tuesdays through Gotta Dance. Another excellent teacher with a great deal of emphasis on proper technique. At almost 40, I am not a fan of their floors either.


Renee Wood used to have an adult class at Cornelia's main school in Rochester though it has been several years since I have taken her class(I have two children under five). Another option is Peter Sparling's studio in Ann Arbor, a bit of a hike from where you are asking, but I have gone there for modern classes on my breaks and find a very professional staff(their adult ballet teacher has recently had her second baby so I don't know who has taken her place as I know she was cutting back).

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I would like to share my experiences with Paavola's School of Dance and the Flint Institute of Music. My daughter has taken at both places.


Initially, we were concerned that Paavola's would not allow my DD enough dance classes. According to the brochure, there were only two classes at my DD's level per week. However, as we worked with the studio, and they got comfortable with my DD's abilities, she was "invited" into other classes as well. Paavola's also has the YPBT, which allows additional class and performance opportunities. Denise takes a genuine interest in all of her students.


My DD has also taken at FIM. Initially, we had a hard time "breaking into" FIM. There is a definite culture there, and it took a while for my DD to fit in and get comfortable there. Once she did, she was very happy there. My DD improved immensely from her classes there. There is a full curriculum of ballet, and dancers can definitely get "enough" ballet at all levels. There are also very good performing opportunities with FIM.


I can highly recommend both of these schools.

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I almost forgot to mention another EXCELLENT professional ballet school.


The Northeast Academy of Dance is located in Oscoda, Michigan. Giuseppe Canale and Scott Heinrich have an outstanding little gem there in Oscoda. In addition to a solid ballet curriculum, they offer private coaching, choreography, and a summer intensive in August (great timing for girls just getting home from major intensives, as many of their own students go to ABT or SAB in the summer!).


Their website is: http://www.neadancemi.com


Giuseppe and Scott are fantastic teachers; Giuseppe has taught at the ABT Summer Intensives. He and Scott are both very talented choreographers as well.


While we cannot take there full-time, they will allow students who travel up to Oscoda for private lessons and coaching to take as many classes as they want with their regular students. My daughter did this while she was there for private lessons. While she normally dances 3-4 hours a day at her home studio, 3 hours at the Northeat Academy of Dance seems to be even more intense than what she is used to. From personal experience, I have watched my daughter improve immensely from her classes with Giuseppe and Scott. It is well worth the drive and a hotel stay to work with these two dancers. :o

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Hi, I want to put in a recommedation for Carmen Wade who teaches currently at various locations but seems to have a permanent home at the Great Lakes Athletic Club in Orion, MI. Previously, she was Ballet Mistress at Mt. Zion School of the performing Arts. She trained with Dance Theater of Harlem. She is very very good and HARD. She offers regular and drop-in advanced classes on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings along with a Ballet workout class that my daughter claims is one of the hardest thing she has ever done. Carmen taught my dk before she went off to a pre-pro school. At Orlando SI last year, they made the DK run the stairs...by Dd was at the top and laughing as many of the other ballet dancers huffed and puffed up the stairs--Thank-you Carmen!

Carmen has dancers who have placed at YAGP regionals and one dancer (boy) who has gone on to YAGP in NYC. A number of her former students have/are now training at pre-pro schools.

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Any luck finding a studio yet? I'm in your area and I'd love to hear what you've learned (in addition to what's been listed).


FYI- some former Lo-Ru students have shown up at Dance Expressions just south of where Lois had her studio.

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