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An excellent preproprofessional Ballet school in West Michigan is Turning Pointe School of Dance in Holland, Michigan. The AD and ED are ex professional dancers. The training is top notch. Graduates are currently dancing with professional companies in Chicago, NYC and Mississippi.

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Updated and bumped this thread:

Information for West Michigan, with no particular recommendations, but good places to do research:



Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan Ballet Academy (a Vaganova school)



Grand Rapids,MI

Care Ballet



Grand Rapids, MI

School of the Grand Rapids Ballet



Grand Rapids, MI

Hearts in Step (a Christian ballet school)



Holland, MI

Turning Pointe School of Dance (a Christian ballet school)



Kalamazoo, MI

The Ballet Academy (a RAD school)



Kalamazoo, MI

Ballet Arts



Kalamazoo, MI

Farrell Ballet Theatre



Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo Ballet & Bullard School



Petoskey,MI/Harbor Springs,MI

The Dance Department of Crooked Tree Fine Arts Center


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Taylor Dance home of ballet Americana in the Detroit Area. . Awesome school!.

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SAB summer intensive used to be here :( not anymore though

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I reread this thread from the beginning and would like to add my $.02 on Geiger Ballet. I don't know what was going on in prior years so I can only speak to current experience (2011 on), and only in reference to their dance program for young students.

My eldest daughter was at ARCB for several years. We assumed when we started her young sister in ballet that we would go there. We took her to a pre ballet class and it was not a good experience for her. The instructor was quite tough on the young kids (I am talking 4 year olds), and made a point of yelling at my husband and myself after class and in front of our daughter about her "messy hair". My daughter at the time had very baby fine silky hair that clips, pins and such would not hold well; she had hairspray in that day and was by far not the messiest hair that day. I was willing to put some gel in but my husband thought being that upset over a 3-4 year old's hair might be a little over the top and it did not matter because our DD refused to go back - she was simply terrified. Perhaps the teacher was having a bad day or something else had upset her - my eldest had taken classes with her and liked her well enough.

Enter Geiger (which we had been warned off of)... We took our daughter there and she LOVED it. Now, the studio is VERY disciplined. Lots of rules and expectations, but the rules (at least for younger children) are applied fairly and kindly. Also, when there IS a problem, the instructors handle it with decorum. I have not seen parents "disciplined" in front of children.

I did watch the spring performance at Geiger, and was very impressed with the beauty of the dancers. My youngest loves it there and is learning so much. This is not to say that Geiger is perfect or that ARCB is not... We have seen a little of both "ends" of both studios - for our young child, Geiger offers a wonderful start. For our eldest, ARCB was a great experience.

We feel blessed to have both of these wonderful options. I would encourage anyone looking in the area to investigate them both and maybe try a class at both to see what fits your child's needs.

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Some of these responses are from 2005, so are people still recommending The Academy of Russian Ballet in Novi and Paavola's School of Dance in Flint, Michigan ? We are about 1 hour from Flint, 1.20 hours from Novi and 2+ from Grand Rapids. Really need to find a more appropriate dance studio for my 9 yr old dd that is now at a competitive studio. I think too much time focused on the "dance" and not technique is wearing on me! The kids are yelled at for not "having" the technique but on the same note are not getting it!! HELP! :whistling: anything good in Lansing? we are 1-1.5 from all parts of Lansing, anyone familiar with the Children's Ballet Theater??

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I originally posted under the Michigan category, hopefully I'm in the right place. Looking for a pre-pro school for our 9 yo DD. Are people still recommending Paavola's in Flint or The Academy of Rssian Classical Ballet in Novi? Some of the responses we're from 2005, so I am just checking. Flint is about a 50 minute drive from us and Novi 1.20 drive, there really is NOTHING in our immediate area. Thanks!!

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Has anyone tried the Russian Ballet Academy in Oak Park with Tatiana Kitlak?

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Oak Park, MI? I'm not familiar with that town..where is it located NOrth or South in the state?

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Gotcha, I looked at the website, not familiar with it at allas we are a good 2.5 hours north of detroit!! Im also looking for a good pre-pro school for my daughter with not too many choices it seems...can anyone help??

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School of the Grand Rapids Ballet...how old is your daughter?

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Yes, I would love to be close enough for her to attend there (GRB), it's about 2 or more hours from us. Our daughter is 9. Lansing is about 1-1.5 hours and Flint 1 hour south.. Our closest is Flint, and maybe I am going to have to drive to Rochester Hills or that area at 1.5 hours. Not alot of choices when your in the Tri-Cities area.

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