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Clara 76, thanks for sharing your thoughts. My DD has taken a couple of Master Classes with Sergey from Ballet Detroit and really, really liked the instruction. Unfortunately his website doesn't have much information and no one has responded to my e-mail asking for specifics about his pre-pro level. I'll wait a little longer, then try to contact them a second time.

Are you at all familiar with Valentina Barsukova or any of her dancers? DD went to a placement class with her on Friday and loved the detailed corrections, friendly dancers, and the overall vibe. I love the price and proximity to our house! Her dancers seem to be very successful at YAGP, most are doing SI's with well-respected schools, and, at least this year's graduates, are all going to impressive residential programs, colleges and dance companies. I'd love to hear any insight you have about her school.

Thanks again for speaking up!

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Well, I am not familiar with the school, but it's a really good sign that your daughter loved it!! If it works well for her and your family, then I'd say Go For It! Valentina does have alumni who have been successful. :thumbsup:

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If you are looking for more time in the studio Rochester School of Dance provides that time. We offer classes during the day, by audition only, classes every night of the week and Saturday's. It is also home of Michigan Ballet Theatre which is our pre-professional company that preforms full length productions. Just give them a call (248) 652-3117.

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Thanks, Brdrchk22! Do you have a student at Rochester School of Dance? I've got a call in to them and will definitely take her for a trial class soon. Can you tell me more about the daytime classes? Are those in addition to what is listed on their website (per the schedule on the site all classes begin at 4:30 or later, I believe)? Taking a class with Cornelia was specifically recommended to me; are you aware of whether all the teachers are of equal experience/quality or is she a particular standout? Once again, thanks. It's so helpful to hear from others who know the local studios since I'm rather new to the dance world!

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FourOnlyChildren -   I'm reading a few old posts and wondering what your daughter ended up deciding after her PNB experience?  

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Hi, aspice. My DD remained at her old school first semester last year then moved to another local school for second semester. She attended 3-letter SI last summer and came home begging for more Balanchine-style training, so this academic year she is dancing at a small studio out of state while  living with grandparents. Not sure where she’ll land this summer or next school year, but she’s having a great time and learning a tremendous amount from her current teachers.

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What amazing experiences for your dd.    My dd is getting amazing training at our local metro detroit studio - however it is not ballet only.  She attended the SAB young dancer SI last summer and is hoping to return!

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