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Guest gotnothing?

I recently have decided that I would be interested in returning to ballet. I started dancing when I was 2-1/2, and danced (ballet only) until I was 14. In my last years, I danced pretty seriously, taking 6-8 classes per week. However, I was forced to leave my school suddenly due to family issues.


Anyway, I didn't think that it would be so difficult to get back to classes, now that I'm 24 and have the time (and willingness!). The only school I've found in my area that offers Adult ballet is the one I attended when I was younger, and one of my fellow students is now the Adult Beginner instructor! The circumstances under which I left were embarrassing and uncomfortable, and I would prefer not to return there. If anyone knows of any schools in Northern NJ (too far to go to Princeton), please let me know.


Otherwise, I look forward to finally returning to a life of dance, and chatting with everyone on the site.

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Dear gotnothing;


I hope that you find something appropriate. I know from first-hand experience that it can be hard to find a suitable studio - especially, when you have to rule out a place for a personal reasons.

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Guest gotnothing?

^^ Thank you for the encouragement. Carabosse was able to give me a list of some places she has attended with adult classes, and it seems as though things are looking up!

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Good luck finding a place you like--you'll love "coming back". I didn't dance nearly as much as you did as a teen, and then was away...er...much longer, but you never forget how it feels.


Also, regarding your original school and the fact that one of your old classmates is there: of course you are the best judge of whether you could stomach returning, BUT remember that you and your classmate are (we can only hope) both older and wiser, and the circumstances of your departure really should be ancient history.*


*Only exception is if your departure involved some unpardonably beastly behavior on your part (NOT that of your parents), but you suggest that that's not the case...

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Guest gotnothing?

^^ No, as you inferred, my parents were completely responsible for what happened, but unfortunately, it was no less embarrassing. I was withdrawn from classes mid-season, with no warning, to pursue the interests that my parents preferred. It's simply pride that keeps me from returning there, but I don't know if I would be ready to go back, especially given how silly I would feel that I looked to them in a beginner class! :):wub:


Since joining this site a few days ago, a few people have come forth with other places that offer adult classes, and it looks like I will get back to dancing soon.


Thanks to everyone for their help! Any more suggestions are very welcome!

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It's great that there are other options for you--I hope one of them works out.


But if they don't, it may be time to steel yourself and go back to your old place. Really, people do get more mature in most cases. Some of those who remember you might even be delighted to see you back all grown up!


The former students who show up in adult classes where I go always get very warm welcomes, and I can imagine that there are a few tales from the past about some of them.


especially given how silly I would feel that I looked to them in a beginner class!

OK, now is probably the time to warn you that you might be a bit frustrated about what you can and can't do as well--you're presumably out of practice and not as young as you once were. But don't be afraid of what "they" or you think at first--just go for it!

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Guest gotnothing?

I didn't want to start a new thread over this, so we'll call it an update...


In order to ease the move back into ballet classes, since it's been so long, I found out that the community school that I play Volleyball with offers a beginner class. I'm sure that this class won't be anything impressive, but it will at least get me started, while I am looking for a class at an actual studio.


So anyway, the first class is on Thursday. Unfortunately, at Volleyball last Tuesday, I tripped and hurt my ankle badly. When the swelling had not gone down the following day, I went to the ER, where they x-rayed and determined it was not broken, just sprained. It's now almost one week later, and my ankle has improved (I can walk!), but the swelling is still there. :) It doesn't look like I will be making it to class!

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