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sitting back in my hips


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my teacher always tells me i am sitting back in my hips. i know what she is talking about because when she corrects it i feel the difference, i try to invision like a string pulling my body up to the ceiling, but then eventually i get so involved i go right back to that old habit. also i do crunches but i'm not really seeing a difference. anybody got any ideas? i really want to break this nasty habit!

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A string pulling up to the ceiling is a good image to work from. Now, try feeling your spine made as long as possible, you won't have to become confused with images outside yourself, because you will be working with the spine.

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thanks mr.johnson i will try that. do you have any specific excercises that would help this?

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Do this all the while you are doing classwork. It will also prevent sway-back.

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The best tip I have gotten from my teacher regarding pulling up is to imagine pulling up from the back of your ears. This also prevents lifting the chin and helps to keep the line of the head even with your movements. For some reason, that just helped everything click for me! :D

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