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Major Champagne Moment

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:):party: What a fantastic week i have had. i have to admit that this has nothing to do with ballet but i want to tell everyone. I had an interview for promotion at work three weeks ago and they got back to me last Thursday to tell me that i have been successful B):D:thumbsup::wub: . So i am now a purser which means i am in charge of all the crew and passengers onboard an aircraft (well the Captain is overall in charge, as far as inflight service goes its me). I am so chuffed :wub:


Not only that, i turned 30 on Friday and had a bit of a party. i would have sent out invites for those ballet alerters in the uk but things have been a bit manic what with preparation for promotion so the party was thrown together pretty much 3 days before it took place. Everyone said they had a good time, it was a double celebration as i found out the above the day before.


I am a very happy person at the moment, all i need to do now is pass my advanced foundation in November, fingers crossed.


skippy :)

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Congratulations, Skippy, both on the promotion and on turning 30!!! :wacko:

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Awesome!! That's wonderful! Reading your post brought a smile to my

face after a stressful day.


I'd like congratulate you on achieving 30 trips around the sun,

and wish you many more.


Likewise, also, with congratulations and best wishes for

your (continued) professional success!


And, finally, a big :wacko: thank you for expanding the

English vocabulary of at least one person (and I suspect, more)

here in the Colonies Across The Puddle by using the word "chuffed".

What a great word... thanks for introducing it to me, and for

doing so with such good news

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We can have a balletalert get together in the autumn when Becky gets back.


Good luck with your new role, and with getting ready for your exam. xxx

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Well done on the promotion, and happy birthday! All the best for advanced foundation (is that RAD?)


DreadPirate: Next we'll have you saying aluminium properly ;)



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Hey Skippy


So very happy with the news , I really enjoy hearing good news, its been a bit wet and grey up here. Also Happy birthday (you should have reminded me..I'm getting a bit ecentric in my old age!.

DeadPirateRoberts, what an absolutely eloquent way of putting it... 'I'd like congratulate you on achieving 30 trips around the sun, and wish you many more."

that just puts it all into perspective, and I shall remember that!

Happy Birthday Skippy..miss you loads....


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Hi Skippy


Great news on the promotion - congratulations! And Happy Birthday too!


My life should return to normal in a couple of weeks after a mental summer of work, so if people fancy a London get-together in the autumn I'd be up for it.


Take care in the meantime!



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Congrats, hugs, and kisses.


So sad to hear you are chuffing, perhaps some antibiotics will help. :^)



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CONGRATS! as well! What happy news!


And, as a newbie, I would love to meet other balletalertophiles (if saying so isn't out of place... :huh: )



Ami :P

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:thumbsup: Thanks to everyone for all your replies.


Dread Pirate Roberts, Chuffed is a fab word to use, i use it a lot but what worries me is the antibiotics comment by MJ. In which manner do you use the word over there across the pond. Another good old english saying that i always use and the American passengers love me using is OOps a daisy. I use it about 10 times a day.


As for a London meet, i know it may be too early to set a date but i am off on the 18th Sept. which is a Saturday. I would give more dates but i start my training course for purser on Wednesday and at the moment work have not told me what i might be working over the next four weeks although my days off are set.


Xena, it is so good to hear from you. I have been doing the Manchester flights alot and i always think of you when i land (i only ever see the airport).


Thanks again for your replies, it is so good to be back on line i have missed it so much.


Ooh Rio, my advanced foundation is with the RAD.


Take care all of you

LOL skippy :thumbsup::shrug::D

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I don't have PM abilities yet! However, I am in Oxford...


Skippy -

As an American, I *never* heard the word _chuffed_ until I came here... However, I used to say 'oops a daisy' all the time as a child!!! :wub:



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