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Not GM "Cozy Paws" but similar

Guest drivintoclass

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Guest drivintoclass

Hi- I have been trying to find a kind of "slipper sock/ foot/leg warmer I have seen some dancers wear. They are similar to the GM "Cozy Paws", but are not a leopard or panther pattern. They are usually white with blue criss cross stiching. Does anyone know what they are called, and where I might find them? Thanks

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Hi, dtc, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers here at Ballet Alert! Online! :(


Now, where to put this? Actually, "Dancers for Dancers" is for students to talk about actual individual dancers, not for equipment and clothing queries. Do you fit into a category like Adult Students, Young Dancers 13-16, or Young Dancers 17-22? Let us know and we'll put it in the appropriate forum. Aha! "Connection to dance" = ballet mom! Off to Ballet Moms and Dads.

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We know them as "MukLuks" (named for traditional eskimo fur boots of similar design :( )

You can order them from Empire Dance

Empire Dance Shop


Their catalog is a downloadable PDF file :dry:


PS The store LRS is referring to is called Himalayan Treasures- it's past Lincoln Center on Broadway, a bit before 72nd St ( or around there :angry: ) on the left.

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Guest drivintoclass

Thanks for the info! I found them on e-bay (now that I knew what they were called), and just bought a pair. Thank you all again for responding to my inquirey.

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