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Holes in leather slippers


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Hello everyone!


I ordered new canvas slippers at dancechoice.com 2 months ago and they did not even ship them out yet!

Grishko factories were closed until August 16 but still my items have not been shipped yet.

Anyway the problem is that I desperately need slippers for my new ballet term- my old leather slippers have large holes already and the second pair I used to own was so danced to death that had to throw it away.

I could go and buy slippers in my local dance store but- they have rip off prices and I am still waiting for my Grishko slippers, so buying new ones in the store does not make sense to me.

Is there a way to mend holes in leather slippers so that I can use them a few more weeks until my Grishko slippers arrive? :(

Or is there a way to use dead pointe shoes as slippers?

(I have a few pairs of dead Grishko Maya II left)


Thankful for any suggestions, Shulie

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Knock, knock ...


When my slippers get holes I simply get out the 'ole role of duct tape! I have a friend who puts the tape on the outside of the shoe over the hole, but I prefer to put it on the inside of the shoe. If you do it this way, you need to make sure to walk across the carpet a few times to make the exposed tape less sticky (otherwise there will be too much friction between it and the floor). Hope that helps! :(

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Duct tape cures everything!


Shulie, look for tape that is rubbery and has good adhesion. A us brand for Duct tape is actually called "duck tape"


Trying to repair a ballet shoe is difficult, duct tape is the best if the most ugly solution.



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No matter what it is, if it's too kaput to be fixed with duct tape, it's TOTALLY kaput!

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Teacher here...


I have sewn many a hole in leather ballet shoes. Sounds hard, but it's not too bad. Duct tape is a good fix as well, but I never could get past pirouettes without the tape rolling up under my shoe and creating more annoyance than the hole itself! So sewing worked best for me.

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I'm not a young dancer, but...


You can use old pointe shoes for technique. Just rip the shank out of them and they become soft like technique shoes. They would work more than long enough for your new shoes to arrive. Also, the duct tape is a good idea...I have used it myself.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally the story came to a happy ending :D

My sister finally lend me a pair of her slippers (Its sooo good to live in a household being one of 3 dancing sisters!!) even though it was a little bit too square for my tapered feet it worked alright.

And just today I recieved my new canvas ones from dancechoice and i LOVE them! They are the best slippers I ever had!

Thank you all so much for your suggestions! I will keep them in mind!

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