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Can I start to learn ballet?

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I am turning 20 this year.

I have had a year of ballet when I was 12.

I am flexible compared to non-dancers, but I do not have the silmness required for ballet dancer (I am a size 14).

Can I still do ballet? or maybe I should revise m question, is it going to be really "bad"/hard for me to do ballet because of my size and age?

My goal is to be able to acheive a leg spllit (I am close to having one!) and to get a better form for ballroom dancing. Is this doable?

Also, is there any advis on where I should take ballet classes from? I am located in Michigan, near Detroit. Currently I have signned up for a 1 semester ballet 1 class in a community college. How good are those classes? What can I expect in a semester? There are 20 students in the class.

Thanks for answering all my questions!

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Hi, qqpp, and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forums at Ballet Talk for Dancers at Ballet Alert! Online!


This forum is usually for dancers who are already "on track" for professional or college careers on a fairly high level of technical accomplishment. I think I'll move this thread over to Adult Ballet Students, as that's really where your peers are.


As to your questions, a split is dependent on your natural flexibility and how well you are trained to stretch as a basic. A split is not a goal in itself. It is a halfway point to extensions and jumps that look better with a split in there. As to improving form for ballroom, it's just the thing to do! A ballet 1 class in a community college should be all about the very basics of ballet technique, learning the five positions of the feet, and arms. You will learn about the order of class, in barre exercises through center practice, and gain competency so that you can proceed on to the next course.

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Thank you for the reply.


I guess I want to get a leg split because that will enhance my daning and allow me to do more stuff.


About the community college ballet 1 class, I guess this is what I meant to ask: what should I expect from it? how is it different from a studio adult ballet class? (or maybe there isn't much difference?) Which one is better for me, a 19-year-old, studio or college class? anyone has any experience? thank you :unsure:

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There should be NO difference between a beginning adult ballet class offered at a community college and one offered anywhere else.

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When I started taking ballet classes again I signed up for a community college class; it was very helpful, the teacher was lovely and (perhaps most important for someone starting again) very relaxed/nurturing/non-intimidating. Soon after that I wanted more classes (MUCH more) than I could get through college programs so found a good place with open classes for adults.


I just wanted to add that there are several serious recreational dancers in my classes who I'd guess wear between a 12 and a 16. Not only do they not seem to have any trouble with ballet in general, but they are really lovely dancers as well. Most adult classes have bodies of all shapes and sizes, and in all sorts of conditions as well. I'm built along Sherman tank lines myself :D .

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Guest gotnothing?

The Beginning Ballet class offered at my local Community College is quite different from the classes offered at our local studios. They have turned it into an actual 'college' course, which includes lectures, research and writing re: the history of ballet, as well as physical activity. While an interesting and fun class, it is not what most dancers would be looking for as far as instruction goes. I would recommended contacting the college and finding out what is involved in their course before signing up.

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Just wanted to add that at my college (4 yr-not community) they offer 3 credits or 1 credit for each dance class. The one credit class is a practicum class where pretty much all you have to do is show up for class and maybe go to a show or two. The three credit class requires much more work and you have to write papers, attend more shows and write reactions, and come to class. So you may have a choice. Or if they don't offer that you could always audit it if you don't need the credit and just come to the practicum part.

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