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The Satin Slippers series is by Elizabeth Bernard (I have one or two books from the series). You can find the books by clicking on the amazon link above, for the record. The series reminds me of the Babysitters club, or sweet valley high, in which the dancing takes third or fourth place behind the romances and other silly escapades. but they are a bit of light hearted fun, if you like that sort of thing.


My all time favourite ballet fiction series, is by Jean Ure (it just took me ages to find out her name). I once had the entire series (of about 4 books) but my ballet teacher lost them. I read them when I was about 14-15, and they really encapsulated my experiences at the time (even the books were tinted with rose coloured glasses). She's written a fantastic amount of childrens books, but the ballet series is near impossible to get.


But my other all-time favourite (young) ballet fiction, is the Drina series. Totalling I think six or seven books, these are the sweetest stories about a little english girl called Drina and her quest to become a dancer. It is probably more for those who liked Enid Blyton, with a similar style of writing and peachy-keen-ness. (I, of course, loved Enid Blyton, despite the relative similarity between her series' of school books, and i remain faithful to her to this day). They are, however, out of print and hard to find.


Another, again english series that I enjoyed were the Sadlers Wells Ballet Books by Lorna Hill, although at times it getsa little tooo british for me


On my browse through amazon, I noticed a book called "corpse de Ballet"... what a positively ridiculous title.


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As a librarian, I am so happy to hear you all discussing books!!! (As a costumer, I look forward to your discussing costumes on the Tech Board)


We had a discussion of ballet-oriented fiction some time ago....you might want to check in the Archives.


Rumer Godden did, with her other wonderful children's/young adult books three that have ballet as a focus: Listen to the Nightingale, Pippa Passes and Thursday's Children.

Other noteworthy ones are Company of Swans (Ibbotsen), and the classic, Ballet Shoes (Streatfield.) You can check your library's holdings or the Amazon link above to find other fiction titles. There are a number of excellent nonfiction books out now for a younger audience, as well, so everyone ought to find something to enjoy!

Dancers, because of the long wait times in studios and rehearsals, are some of the most well-read people. Keep up the proud tradition!


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I just ran across a picture book by Debbie Allen called "Dancing in the Wings" with illustrations by Kadir Nelson, copyright 2000. The books seems to concern a girl who wants to be a "star ballerina," and most of it takes place at a ballet school. I only browsed it, but I was reminded of the thread on black dancers and racism -- it's nice to see that all the characters here are black, although for the sake of encouraging kids (I do know about Dance Theatre of Harlem), it would have been even nicer to find a story of a black girl succeeding in a largely white dance environment.

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There are quite a number of books for children, but of the picture-book genre, which have students of various ethnic backgrounds in the classes and in the companies. Rachel Isadora, who was herself a fine dancer, has written and illustrated a number, for example. There are a variety of others, but I would have to be at work to be more specific, which of course I will be happy to research if anyone has a definite interest.

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Guest lil_dancer

i've read that friendship ring book abotu cj it's a really good book could you tell me more about the satin slippers? does anyone know the author what kind or reading level are is the satin slippers some other really good fictiion ballet books are:


ribbons, angel fish, the amah by laurence yep


there is also pink slippers bar mitza blues by??


i will post more of the books as i rember them any one else konw of any other good books?

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Other good fiction novels about ballet are Girl in Motion by Miriam Wenger-Landis, as well as its sequel, Breaking Pointe.

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A bit different category but young adult / children book also:

I have a most amazing book, telling the story of Swan Lake, illustrated with dancing photos of actual ballet set in. German castle. Nina. Ananiashvili is Odette/Odile. Oh the beauty to see her dance out in the nature...

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