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shoulder flexibility


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I would have to suggest first, correct port de bras/movements of the arms, to be the most beneficial exercise to help with shoulder flexibility for ballet. What is it that you are trying to achieve? Your question is a bit broadly based for me to answer clearly! :thumbsup:

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Stretching with a theraband, like you do for your feet, but of course very different exercises for the shoulders. I would suggest Pilates for learning how to do this, and also for the other Pilates exercises.

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Guest Mollieochie

my dance teacher taught us an exersize where you take a rope or towel and hold it between your hands. Then you take the rope and swing your arms back and forth, bringing you hands closer together on the rope as you go along. So, it is sort of like arm circles with a rope or towel or and anything long! I am not sure if this will help shoulder flexibility, I just thought of this exersize.

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