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2 weeks before exam


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I would like to know what do you guys do two weeks before a major exam? Do you still work triple hard (for eg, going for classes everyday) or you just try to relax and save the energy for the BIG day?

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Guest BalletBrat

Hi I'm new! Two weeks before the exam we are still working pretty hard, every day, it isn't until 3 days before exam that we shorten class length to about 1 hour or 1 hour and a half, and relax more. :rolleyes:


This is a concept I became familiar with when I was swimming competitivly, called tapering. The idea is to let the body rest and recover so as to tap into the greatest amount of strength and stamina that has been built over the training period. Of course, after the main event, the body is generally out of shape and intense training begins again.


I know with ballet, I get out of shape very quickly, if I dance less than three days in a given week, I really feel myself fall behind. So if I gave it two weeks before an exam or performance, I would probably look like poo. :party: But every body is different.

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