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Princess Grace Ballet Academy and Elmhurst Ballet


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I was wondering about this 2 schools. I know Princess Grace is in Monaco and Elmhurst is in England. Elmhurst has website but Princess Grace doesn't I don't think. At least I couldn't findit. Do you know anything about it?

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Is Elmhurst the school connected to the Birmingham Royal ballet?

I've heard it's really good!

Have you auditioned there?

I haven't heard anything about the other school..

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According to the Elmhurst website, it is connected to BRB although this is not mentioned on the BRB website.

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I just got home from L'Academie de Danse Classique in Monte Carlo. it was great! I really loved it. The training is wonderful and Marika Besobrasova is just absolutely amazing. :) If you have more specific questions feel free to ask, I'd be happy to answer them!



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In the holidays ( i went back to school yesterday) i did a week of ballet classes with my usual teacher Anya and Rachel McLellan, a dancer.


Many girls and one boy in the class were lower school students at Elmhurst. Naturally this set the standard of the class very high! I write this just to report that as far as I could see they were very well trained students.

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Thank you. Yes, i want to audition for those places. i think for the thanksgiving im going to england to see elmhurst ballet school. i might try summer for princess grace.

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