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Where To Audition for Nutcracker?


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DD has never danced in a Nutcracker but would love to. Does anyone know where she could audition for a part? I realize that most schools take from their own resources, and unfortunetely Oakland Ballet is not performing this year. I don't know of any other places off hand. We are in the SF Bay Area. Thanks!

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Unfortunately we are not located in your area, but our school's Nutcracker auditions are open to the whole community and are advertised in the paper. You might check your local paper for similar opportunities in your area. The parts at our school are not assigned until after audition so every one has a chance based on their abilities. Good luck!

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If you are willing to drive a bit, the Sacramento Ballet Company uses local dancers in their production every year. They do quite a few casts and so use lots of kids. I personally love their version of the Nutcracker. They got all new sets last year, custom made in Russia, and have beautiful costumes. They are a wonderful company and are great with the kids.

Check out their web site for audition information www.sacballet.org.

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Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley? I don't know if they have auditions from outside their school or not, but they're at www.balletsanjose.org.


My mom ushers for a couple of theatres in the Walnut Creek area. She ushers several Nuts each year. I think that if you contact some local schools, you will find that there will be opportunities for your DD to audition.

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Has your daughter polled her ballet classmates to see where they have auditioned?


If her school does not do a Nutcracker, chances are probably good that other dancers have tracked down outside opportunities.

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What about the Moscow Ballet's Nut? Here's a link: Moscow Ballet Nutcracker Info My dd has never been involved w/it (too busy in past years w/the local company Nut), but the way I understand it, the Moscow Ballet travels around the US doing performances, using local student dancers. A couple of dancers I know have done it, and said it's a lot of fun. Looks like there are 8 cities in California they are travelling to. The way I understand it, they come to the cities to audition the kids, then the students work w/a local teacher to learn the parts. Just a thought! :P msd

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I would second dance for me's suggestion about checking your local paper for audition notices. All of the local groups in our community post audition notices around this time of the year in the weekly entertainment section of the paper. Where my daughter dances, auditions are open to anyone, and you don't have to take from the affiliated school to get a part. Some companies have multiple auditions during a period of several weeks, so if it looks like you may have missed an audition, call the telephone number listed in the notice and ask if additional auditions will be held. Good luck! :wub:

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Pacific Ballet Theatre has open auditions; they perform at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, a lovely venue. This year they'll perform Fri-Sun, the weekend after Thanksgiving.


Auditions are 9/11. If you want more info, let me know.

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