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Guest Giselledancer513

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Guest Giselledancer513

I think I'm a pretty good dancer for my age I can balance well, and lift my leg high, and I have good leaps but, I can't do turns very well. a double is about the most I can do... I am vaganova method which doesn't work on turns till your alittle older, but still, I was just wondering what I should do...?

so if you have any advice on turning or anything ...

thank you!


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Keep working at your school's grade level. With respect to turns, all you really need now is a good clean double on both sides.

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Guest ABTwannabe

i used to have the same problem. i was always very advanced for my age (i was in level 10, the highest, when i was 10 and taking class with college kids). i was only able to do 2 pirouettes. it would make me very frusterated. i asked one of my teachers for some help and after about 10 mins. of advice and practice i was doing a clean 3. it just takes a lot of time and determination


i hope i was able to help

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I have the same problem. I can only do about a double turn in ballet class. When I get to jazz class, i can normally do a triple, I am more interested in my ballet turns and I can balance for a long time. In my school, we should be doing triples soon, so I am a little worried!! :yes:


Please help!!

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I think that you are probably tensing your neck when you do turns in classical ballet. You have to have a free and relaxed neck when you turn, and tension just makes you lose your spot.

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