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OW, my arch

Guest kitrisomeday

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Guest kitrisomeday

So, as you might know, I got a contusion (bad bruise) in my big toe. I went to the emergency room, and, as well as putting a splint on it, they recommended that I wear the "hard shoe". This shoe that they gave me was designed so that I did not have to use my toe to walk. I have been wearing this shoe almost all day since Thursday.

I took it off a couple hours ago, because I dont have any need for it. But, now my arch hurts unbearably. I guess this "hard shoe" provided no arch support and now my arch muscle hurts to walk. :) Help!!



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Manipulate your ankle and foot at least down to the metatarsal arch. You will need a little time to get used to working without the walking boot, and a little massage can help.

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