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Releves on one foot problems

Guest devion101

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Guest devion101

Hi all,

I'm having difficulty with releves on one foot on pointe... I'm not sure if it's a shoe support issue or a foot strength issue (or maybe both) :) . I've been working very hard on strengthening my feet on pointe (lots of releves), but I always have difficulty getting from 3/4 pointe to full pointe when doing releves on one foot. I am kind of leaning towards a shoe support problem. I'm wearing Capezio Glisses, which are getting pretty soft, and the shank is pretty bendy. Is it possible that the shoe is simply too soft for my foot? I was thinking of switching to Grishko shoes (they are very popular with dancers in my area, and seem to give a nice line) - are they more supportive? Thanks!

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Have you ever tried Capezio Pavlowas? If this isn't an issue of strength, then the stouter shank on the Pavolwa might help. If it IS an issue of strength, then we're back to the Carnegie Hall answer - practice, practice, practice.

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Devion, have you had this problem before, or is it something new? It sounds like it could be dead shoes, and/or shoes which do not have a strong enough shank. But if the shoes are dead, or the shank even slightly broken, one foot relevés would definitely be a problem. Try new shoes, preferably with a stronger shank. There are lots of them to choose from, so find the one that best fits and suits your foot.

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Guest devion101

I've never had this problem before, so I'm thinking it's the shoes.... What a bummer, considering they look awesome on my feet besides that... :unsure: . I am thinking of trying Grishko 2007 and Bloch Sonatas next time I get fitted (soon), but do you think that the Glisse in the extra strength shank would work too? Thanks so much for all the input! And, Mr. Mel, I haven't ever tried Pavlowas :wink: , too tapered for my square, extra-wide feet.... :thumbsup:

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