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Sinking in my pointe shoes


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My teacher recently told me that I am sinking in my shoes, and that I really need to fix that, but I'm not sure how. I was wondering if I should just think about pulling up, or is it more than that? :unsure:

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If your teacher told you that, then she also needs to determine the cause and tell you what to do about it, pink tutu. It could be a problem with the shoes, or, it could be that you are just pushing down and not using all of the right muscles to get yourself up out of them. But without seeing you, it's really impossible to know. So, I really suggest that you ask. :unsure:

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Okay, I have sort of the same problem, so I thought it would be okay to put it here....


My teacher also tells me that I sink into my shoes, but she says that I go over on my big toe too much and dont have any weight over the rest of my toes. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this??

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Again, without seeing you, it's not possible for any one of us here to advise you. You need about five minutes with your teacher after class.

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