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achilles tendonitis?

Guest mal89

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Lately my left foot has started hurting when I walk, when I start bringing my heel up from the floor.. (I can only feel this sometimes).

It also hurts when I press my finger on the inside of the foot, where the bone in the heel starts, right beside the tendon.

It doesn't hurt when I do pointe work or point my foot.

Am I starting to develop achilles tendonitis?

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No, mal, I don't think so. It doesn't sound like the achilles. It sounds like the calcaneus (heel), like maybe bruised, or, it more likely is a bit of bursitis. Ice it, and change the street shoes you are wearing and see if that makes a difference. This is quite likely caused by shoes, but you will have to experiment to find out which ones. It could be too tight pointe shoes, or certain street shoes.

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