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Guest Marigrrl

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Guest Marigrrl

Hello I am new to the message board!! My name is Mariko and want to take ballet again. I am 23 years old and been looking for a school that teaches adult ballet. I know in New York City there are tons of schools but I am looking for school on Long Island that is good. I looked in the yellow pages and internet but i really can;t make a good judgement because they don't really have reviews listed. :shrug: THe only thing I can think of is reccomendations or by word of mouth. A friend of mine reccomended a place that I am going to look into. Does anyone know of schools on Long Island, Nassau or Suffolk that teaches Adult ballet? Any information will be really helpful!! I am really looking forward to finding a great place and take ballet again!!


thanks :D


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Hi mariko!


I don't know if you have heard of the Blue Diamond Dance website, but it's a good resource for adult dancers. They have a Recommended Teachers section with peer reviews. Here is what I found in Long Island ...


Anita's Studio of Dance & Theatre Arts, Ltd.

508 Larkfield Road

(Tick Tock Shopping Center)

East Northport (in Suffolk County on Long Island)


Recommended teacher is Madame Elvire, and her student writes that this teacher "is not only skilled in the art of ballet but also kinesiology, biomechanics, and anatomy. She is always studying to improve her teaching abilities so the class is always progressive, never stagnant. Her method greatly stresses correct technique within each dancer's ability which greatly decreases the chance of injury." Since this listing first appeared, another student of Madame Elvire has also chimed in with praise for her.


Hope that helps a little! :D

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Guest Marigrrl

Hi ashatNYU!


Thanks for the information. I actually came across that website while researching via the internet. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but since you also mention it, i am going to check it out. I am going to try to swing by there tonight, to see what the studio is like and ask for info. Its a bit far from me because I am right on the borderline of queens, but if i like the place, that won't matter!! Thanks for the information!


BTW I read your blog, very inspiring!!


I will keep you posted hehe!


Mariko :D

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Thanks for your kind words Mariko!


I think I should update my blog soon (I've been so busy with moving!) because I have lots of interesting things to talk about haha :) So look for an update soon!




And I am excited to hear about your search for a school - please keep up updated!

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Guest Marigrrl

Hello!! So Finally after much searching, i finally found a class!! I am a student and take some night classes and most adult classes are at night etc. so its been really hard to find a class i can make it to etc. BUT, after searching, found a class on Monday Nights at 8:00pm!! I'm excited! A friend of mine with be taking the class with me :yes: .


I need to start doing lots of stretching!! hehe



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