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Hello to all! I am looking for some advice on how to go about company auditions next spring. I graduated from NCSA last year, and am currently training at the Houston Ballet Academy, but I need to move on soon. I have put off school for a year, but if I don't get into some sort of trainee or apprentice program, then I will have to go to college next fall. So basically, I am just wondering what the best way is to do it. I was thinking to make a short video and send it out to companies I would be interested in along with a letter asking to come take a company class. I know most companies host auditions in the spring but they are usually so crowded and make it hard to be seen. ANY advice or suggestions on this topic would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Knock, knock ... I think this is a pretty common topic, so I did a couple of searches for you.


http://balletalert.com/dancersforum/index....opic=7560&st=0& (general)


http://balletalert.com/dancersforum/index....opic=2523&st=0& (resume help)


http://balletalert.com/dancersforum/index....pic=15590&st=0& (general, from moms and dads board)



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Dancerkel86, I have not checked out the links above, and not sure what we have there, but for company auditions I would suggest going to their company class if the company allows that. I know that our director likes to see people a few times, and does not mind people coming into company classes as long as they make an appointment ahead of time. He is not very fond of tapes. In fact, not sure he looks at them at all. However, everyplace is different, so, I would suggest writing or calling the company manager and asking about auditions, alternative auditions, etc. And then get to as many places in person as possible. Tape auditions for companies are rarely the best idea, IMO.

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