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Is pointe class beneficial?


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I've been taking ballet classes for 2 and half years now from the scratch. I take 4~5 classes a week, and see myself somewhere between the elementary and intermediate levels.

There is an opportunity to take a pointe class for the adults from September, and I can't decide whether it would be beneficial for me or not. I've asked several teachers, and some said pointe work is good for the placement and the posture etc even if you're not really in the advanced level. Meanwhile, some other teachers said that why I would torture my feet when there are so many things to learn and improve on demi pointe. I sort of agree on both of the views...and I don't want to waste my time and money ($40~50 for the pointe shoes! :D )and regret it later. :shrug:

Ballet will be my life-long hobby, I'm pretty sure. But I'm 29 years old now. How much can I expect from 'going on pointe'?

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Probably mostly a lot of pain :wink: My thoughts are, why? Just enjoy your ballet classes and don't put yourself throught that unless it's something you just don't feel you can live without experiencing.

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as an adult beginner, I began pointe after six months , only at the barre for about a year, and I guess it's great for strenghtening the ankles ; plus, it sorts of gives you a thrill , and doesn't hurt that much, because you don't do it for long (ten minutes at first) :wink:

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I'd be inclined to try it if your teacher thinks you're strong enough. It's a neat experience even if you drop it after a while. I've taken ballet off and on for most of my adult life -- never as a child -- and am glad I tried it pointe for a couple of years some time back. I never do pointe now and still really enjoy my ballet classes. I would have regretted not trying it, and believe me, you'll be glad you went on pointe as a younger than older adult! B)

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I think the two main questions are: Do you ever expect to need the skill? Do you want to?


If you're not going to need the skill and you don't particularly want to I see absolutely no reason to do pointe. It is expensive, often uncomfortable and generally a bother. :)


If you really do want to try pointe, and have the technique, the facility and there is a teacher you trust starting a new beginner group, I would use a good opportunity when it is available. You can drop it later if it is not your cup of tea.


Myself, in the beginning I did not particularly want to do pointe beyond basic curiousity, but I wanted to get into our school's adult ballet performing group and that meant I'd need the skill. I started liking it only afterwards, once I found good shoes.




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I have the same problem, only, I've been taking pointe for a couple years now, and I'm wondering if I should continue taking it. Though I'm not very good at it, I really like pointe, and it has done great things for my (previously rather flat and weak) feet. I'm scared I might loose the strength if I don't continue it. On the other hand, it's not really useful, as I would like to persue a career in musical theater performance, and I won't need pointe. It's also rather expensive, and not taking pointe would enable me to take more other classes or voice lessons or something like that. I really don't know whether to continue taking pointe or not.

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If pointe has done well by reshaping your feet, you need not continue if your career goals do not include work that includes pointe. If there's a better use for your money, go ahead and use it that way. Chances are against your losing ground. That's why men who study pointe drop it after it's done its work.

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In my opinion, there is no benefit whatsoever in doing pointe work - as most people have already said! I suppose the only reason for doing pointework at all is to perform classical ballet.


Having said that, I do enjoy pointework and am probably the only idiot of my age that I know still doing it!!


So, ultimately, if you want to do pointework, do it - it's worth the challenge just to see what dancers go through to give that beautiful effect! :wink:

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If you are curious try out pointe - Go for it! I think it is a nice experience. In any case, I dont think that adult pointe beginners will do too much damage on their feet. You are more likely to be more on flat then on pointe at the beginning and will decide yourself if you continue or not. And probably you do not take more than 1 or 2 pointe classes per week. I see it as an add-on to ballet class - some enjoy it, others dont, but hey, I think its great fun. I am doing pointe work mainly for research and actually enjoy it more than the technique class :-)

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I'm prejudiced - I love pointe! To me it is the funnest part of ballet.


There is really only one good reason to take pointe - because you want to! It is really as simple as that. If you want to do it, then do it; if not, don't.


The only other reason for doing pointe is to help shape your feet. If you don't have great arches, pointe work will improve them faster than just taking ballet classes, but not this is not such a great gain that it is worth the time, pain, and expense.


Another option is to take the pointe class in soft shoes. This will give you more hours per week doing ballet if you are trying to improve your overall technique. A lot of the exercises in a pointe class are actually harder to do in soft shoes (e.g., lots of echappes).

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hello, I was quite suprised to see your post. This year at ADC A few other people including myself who take at Boston Ballet where discussing our intrest in and the lack of availability of beginning pointe class. I was wondering if you might want to share your info with us. ( or prehaps I know you and dont realize!) thanks, we are really intrested in working this out.

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Thanks a lot everybody who responded to my question. I have to admit that every time I read the post, I was swinging back and forth between taking the class and not taking the class.


One of my teachers who has taught me over a year says I have nice feet and am stong enough, so I decided that if I find reasonably comfortable pointe shoes, I will take the class and if I don't, I won't. (kind of wimpy... :blushing: ) So I went to the store today and fit my first pointe shoes. At the store, the lady insisted the size which hurt me even in a flat position is the right one for me. What do I know about the pointe shoes to argue with her? :( So I just took them and check them with my teacher, and she advised me to try a half size bigger (and it's really a judgement call). I'll have to drop by the store again.


I really liked how my feet looked en pointe. It was not so bad, even though I don't have a very high arch. :sweating:


Bostonballetgirl, I'm going to take a pointe class at the Dance Complex. Sunday at 2:30. Since there are people who have been taking the class for a long time, it's really a mixture of levels, but next Sunday (09/12) is the first week of 8 weeks block or something, so I think it's the right time to start. BTW, I think I'm going to try the Boston ballet's class for the first time tomorrow. Very excited~ (I'm a tall, thin, Asian girl probably in black leotard and black tights. Please say hi if you recognize me :sweating: )

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I danced on pointe as a teen and in my early 20's and loved it, despite the pain and hard work. I just started back with ballet and have discussed with my teacher doing pointe work again. We have decided that right now it isn't worth the effort, since I'm so out of practice in technique shoes, but I think that I ultimately will go back on pointe. Why? Because it's fun and I love it.


I think that's the key to whether or not an adult should take pointe class. Do you really want to put in the time and effort for the experience? If the answer is yes and your teacher thinks you are ready, then I say go for it. If you really don't have a strong desire, then skip it; there's so much more to ballet to keep you busy.


Good luck and enjoy.

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Just my two cents on this topic...


I have taken pointe class for the past 5 years or so as an adult. I really like it. I started taking it because I wanted a new challenge. The technique class I was taking wasn't that hard for me anymore and the pointe class gave me something new to work on. It is a different type of challenge and it is additional exercise on top of a technique class. I think the gaps in your technique stand out more once you are on pointe. For instance, if don't keep your torso forward in pointe, you will notice it a lot more than you would in a regular technique class. So, I learned a lot about areas I needed to work on as a result of taking pointe class. After 5 years of taking class, I still don't think I am very good at it. However, I have more confidence than I did as a beginner.

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