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DVD/Videos: The Children of the Dance

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We are interested in purchasing a copy of the four-part documentary based on the Paris Opera Ballet school called "The Children of the Dance". We know that it can be seen at the Dance Collection of New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, but is there a way to purchase a copy of it somewhere?

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I found one part of the series of "Les enfants de la danse" by purchasing the DVD of Coppelia by the POB, after a fellow B.A. member told me it was featured at the end of the ballet.


After searching the web , I found out of a store in Japan that sells the whole collection, but they told me it was available for the local market only. Now, if you have family/friends in Japan, you could surely get the store to deliver the videos to their address. Here is the website.


Hope this helps.

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I wonder if they said it was for the local market only because of the DVD's encoding or because they simply won't ship? I can get around that first problem...

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I couldn't read the site. Is it a dvd or a video, and how much does it cost?


(Wheels turning...wheels turning...)

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I believe it is a DVD. To view the site completely, you might need to allow your computer to read Japanese characters, although this might not be necessary to browse some portions of the website.

I actually e-mailed them in English, as I have Zero knowledge of Japanese. They were very prompt in responding and even sent me a catalogue with a pictured list of all the DVD/videos they sell. As for the cost...I am not too sure. By guessing at the number I see in my catalogue next to the picture, it seems to be 4800 yens, but I could be mistaking this number for something else..... :shrug:


I desperatly need to make Japanese friends very soon B)

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Thank you all for the help. When I entered the title "Les enfants de la danse" in Google, I found I can order the Coppelia DVD with the approx. one hour condensed version of the documentary on it through Amazon. It includes various subtitles including English, Italian, etc. Thanks again!

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The condensed version on the Coppelia CD is really terrific, and I think you'll like it. One thing that's really cool about is that they added a part at the end with a bit about where some of the students shown in the footage are now.


Another dvd with some coverage of the school is Etoiles, which focuses more on the company but has a bit on the school.


I am still working on getting the full version though...

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The driver: I think it would be of interest for any dancer or even anyone interested in the tradition of the Paris Opera School.

The main problem is to get your hands on the full series. I know you can fully view it in Paris near Les Halles in a video library or you can purchase it from Japan IF you have access to a Japanese address, but aside from that I am still searching ... If you find something please let us know!

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I am on the verge of trying some Japanese contacts I got through a friend.

Do you happen to know if they'll take a US credit card, & how sure are you that it's the full series?



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sylphide and koshka, I’m sorry I don’t have a connection in Japan – is it available in China? My brother-in-law says AMEX should be available to help with the transaction if you have all of the particulars.

I think it would be of interest for any dancer or even anyone interested in the tradition of the Paris Opera School.

Is the Paris Opera Ballet a style or technique of classical ballet (eg. Balanchine or Vagonava) or a school (eg. SAB or RWB)? Again I apologize for my ignorance. Thanks

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I do not think I am qualified to explain in all integrity the history of the Paris Opera dating from 1661, when Louis XIV created the Academie Royale de Danse, so I would suggest you make a search on it.I respect the POB too much to tell you erronous facts. I am sure you will find a wealth of information :D and that it will make things more interesting for you, than my not too correct written English skills!


Koshka: The reason why I think it is the 4-part series is that there are 2 videos listed in my catalogue one is 113 minutes, the other is 118. As for the mode of payment, I would not be able to help you since I have never ordered from them. Maybe you could send them an e-mail and ask? They were very quick in responding. Tell me how it went, especially if you decide to order them.


Best of Luck

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