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Guest ABTwannabe

one of my teachers at camp used to tell me that my knees didnt look straight, but when i would straighten my knees, she would say that i was sitting in my hyper extension. i tried to find a place in between, but my knee still didnt look straight. i'm getting very frusterated and i am hoping that ths will not keep me from getting into a company when i get older. do you have any suggestions?

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Without seeing you, very hard to advise, ABTwannabe. Are they correcting your standing leg or your working leg, or both? With an extended leg you must stretch it ALL the way, even into the hyperextension. But, when standing, you can't do that. You have to use the quads to make it straight, but not push back into the hyperextension.

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I have a teacher working with me about that right now. I took a break from dancing this summer and now my knees are hyperextending as well as my back. She gave me an excersize to practice at home. I demi plie in first and get everything placed, then straighten slowly, keeping everything lined up. I set up mirrors so that I can see the front and the side to make sure I'm not hyperextending, but also that they aren't overly bent, then I do tendu's to make sure I'm staying pulled on my standing leg and that its not hyperextending as soon as I move to one foot.

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