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I have a bruised toenail and its half way almost falling off. It doesn't bother me when I am on pointe, just when I take my shoes off. Is there anything I can do? Also, on of my other toes feels very pressured and it was bothering me a lot during class. I really like the pointe shoes I've been wearing, Im just wondering if they might be too tight or too small!!




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If you're concerned that you'll have a loose toenail bopping around in your shoe, then tape it down. The chances are that you need to trim your toenails correctly, so that they don't become bruised in the first place.

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Okay, then first do as Mr. Johnson said and be sure your toenails are cut properly. Then, carefully check the fit of your shoes, and also the padding you are using. Perhaps changing the padding could make a difference.

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Guest xox DaNciNg in PiNk xox

do you wear gaynor mindens?...my friend does and has bruised toenails as well....and there are pads you can make aswell as tape them and use second skin to cover them when or if the fall off?

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The same thing happened to me and it ended up falling off. My shoes turned out to be the culprit. I realy liked the shoes other than that... Just thought I'd add that!

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