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Am I crazy?

Guest pinkdenim

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Guest pinkdenim

I am a 23 yr old female who was born with a love for dance in any shape or form. Unfortunately I was deterred from pursuing it as a career or putting any real time into and took the secure route of going to college. The fire and passion to dance has remained within me and has begun to grow stronger along with the regret of not doing what I wanted to do instead of what my parents thought would be a safe road for me throughout my college years. I am I crazy for waiting until the age of 23 to pursue this and can it even be done? I know it is not possible for me to be some superstar but I would love to see where hard work, determination and doing what I have always wanted to do can take me.

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Hi PinkDenim --


Oh sure, you may very well be crazy! :yes:


But I think you're lucky -- you have figured out what you love, and that's something which

a lot of people never manage to do. We tell ourselves "be practical" or "it's too late"

or "I'll do it in my spare time" or any number of other excuses, all with the best of

intentions, and we forfeit the very best part of living. Annie Dillard once told a classroom

of college students in a writing program that "You have to go at your life with a broad

axe." She meant that you have to swing it with both hands -- you can't do it half way.

Prudence is good. Safety is good. Yet, life is pretty dull without risk. But then, you knew

that already -- that's why you're interested in a change.


If you really love to dance, it will be the thing you simply have to do. Which is good,

because as many of the professionals on this forum will eloquently tell you, it's a tough

road you are choosing, and you'll need the support of dancers and friends and

teachers and mentors. But then, you knew that already -- that's why you're here.


I've been out of college for almost 2 decades, and I'm really lucky to still be doing work

that I love. It's a wonderful thing to look back on, even if that road led to unexpected

places. And I'm lucky another way -- I discovered I love dancing only about 4 years ago,

and have become a ballet fiend since then; driving, dripping, and dragging sometimes, but

thrilled with ballet as a hobby, and myself for trying it. Even taking class with 10 yr old

girls for 3 months. :blushing: And fitting my middle-aged body into tights. Crazy? Um, sure,

but then, you knew that already...


Good luck, and welcome to our forum!

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And just let me make the welcome "official", pinkdenim. :yes:


A resounding YES to everything DPR says, too. I've never seen anyone with a major company who started as late as 23, but I certainly have seen some entirely competent dancers who had a good time in civic companies who were late beginners. So give it a try.


You had made a duplicate of this post on the Adult Buddy Board, but I deleted that, as I figured that the exact same people would be reading both this one and and that, so I just reduced the options, so we'll have one-stop shopping.

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I'm a little older than you and can completely relate. At this point, I am satisfied with my career choice, but truly regret I didn't pursue a dance career in my teens (when I dediced to focus on academics and keep dancing secondary).


Good luck in your endeavor. I hope you make it. But remember, even if a dance career doesn't happen, you can still keep dancing.

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All i can say is that YES!!!.........You HAVE to do this then!!! :)


You're not too old to try what it is you know in your heart you want to do. Your post says it all! Get in with a local company, take as many classes as you can and start auditioning!! You'll only kick yourself if you don't.


Best of luck to you!!!


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You are never too old to dance, and it is not crazy to. Of course, the older you get, the less likely it is you will reach certain higher competence levels, but in my opinion even if you know for certain it will not happen, that should not stop you from trying. Taking classes is fun and good for you in itself, and whether you make it to some particular goal or not, you can enjoy them and benefit from them. Go for it.

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You're only 23. If you have some background in ballet already, a decent amount of natural facility, and MOST importantly, good teachers, I don't see any reason why you can't reach a very advanced level starting again at 23. It's possible, but you can't mess around with bad schools and teachers. Once you're in "shape" and your body can take it, you'll need daily class. Pilates or floor barre (taught correctly) can accelerate your training too. As an adult, you are probably more in tune with your body than a teen, and more capable of understanding complex concepts and applying them to your work.


I started "serious" training at the "old" age of 27---VERY out of shape, I might add. I've been at it for 2 years and haven't hit any major brick walls yet. I'm starting to actually look like a "real" ballet dancer at 29.


The only thing that I really regret is that I'll probably never get the chance to dance any of Balanchine's ballets. I would KILL for the chance to learn a corps part in a leotard ballet.

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