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My first pointe shoes


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I've been lurking for about three months and finally have something to post about. I don't think I've even commented because I've never had anything great to add to the conversation. Today I got fitted for my first pointe shoes! It only took about 30 minutes to fit me, but I tried on about 15 different shoes. My instructor told me the store to go to (the store all of the dancers from our studio go) and to get Capezios or Blochs. The store was really suprised they had approved Blochs because I guess our studio doesn't like them. It turned out my foot was to wide for any of the capezios in stock, and the bloch I tried on was really comfy (a comfy pointe shoe?) on my toes but to big for my tiny foot. So the store, which knows my studio well, said a lot of their beginners wear Gambas and recommended I try them. We found "the perfect pair" and I am taking them on Tuesday for my teacher to inspect. I hadn't heard of Gambas before this... do any of you wear them?


I am very excited to be starting pointe work, I'm actually really suprised I got approved. I only started ballet two months ago, but I have danced for over 15 years. My teacher told me I have the strenght for it and "promising" feet. I know that if I was a kid I wouldn't have been approved... my technique is alright but my turnout is miserable. I don't expect to do more than 15 minutes at the barre for quite awhile, but I'm still very excited.


Now if only it would be Tuesday so I could put those shoes on again....

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Congratulations, and especially on finding "the perfect pair" so quickly! I'm still searching...


I LOVE the new shoes feeling, so much promise, so clean, so shiny, so pretty :):blushing:

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Congratulations, and especially on finding "the perfect pair" so quickly! I'm still searching...

They may not be the perfect pair for long.... I haven't danced in them. ;)


I did get to releve in them. I was suprised she asked me to roll up to pointe because everything I read says at your first fitting you should only step up to pointe. I was amazed how easy it was to hold my balance on them. I'm sure the dancing part is actually difficult.

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Welcome to the forum Skittl,


Exciting news regarding your new pointe shoes. I just adore them when they are lovely and new. I think it is the smell and the feel of them.

I am Gamba girl!; I have always worn Gambas, and it is now 12 years since my first pair, and I have never ever had any problems with them. I have tried other makes, but always go back to Gamba.


Let us know how your first class in pointes goes, and you do realise that you are always welcome to post about anything ballet-like, so any questions,no matter how silly you may feel about asking, please do ask.


Enjoy your class.



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Good luck with staring pointe! It is great fun - in fact it is my favorite part of ballet.


Don't be discouraged if it hurts at first. Your feet with toughen up and get much stronger over time. Stick with it!

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