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UK people, do you all fancy meeting up sometime this month. I am off on Saturday 18th Sept. I know its not much notice but hopefully we can do it. If you can make it would you prefer to meet early/late afternoon or in the evening as before. Would you like the meeting to take place in London or shall we meet somewhere different.


If this a bad time for anyone let me know so we can arrange another date.


Skippy :yucky::wink::pinch:

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Wow, I did not know that there is a London community on here. I will have a performance of my ballet this week (8. + 10. September) at the Embassy Theatre, Swiss Cottage at 8:30pm. Entrance is free. You are more than welcome to see "The Wise Virgins" :-)

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I've got a job on in London on the 18th, but I should be able to get away for the evening - say 7pm-midnight. Any good?

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I *might* be able to make it in the evening in Londonbut am not sure right now - keep me posted!



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No I'll have to miss out again - got my final assignment for this year due in on 22nd September, so I'll be glued/panicking about that!


If we manage another one before Xmas I may be able to make that!



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Would love to meet too. Keep me posted - As I live in London I should be more flexible :-)

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