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Victoria Leigh

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Here is a link to an article from The Studio section of Ballet Alert Online. I'm posting the link for our new members and for anyone who has not found that section and read this article. :P (There are other articles in The Studio section too, so don't forget to check out the Ballet Alert Homepage once in a while!)



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Great article Ms. Leigh! I have a question though, on my break I feel like I have lost all or practically all of it. Is there anything I can do to get my muscles back into the swing of things. Classes start tomorrow and I know my teachers are going to be disappointed if my turnout is this bad.

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Great article! I started school about two weeks ago, and ballet again around the same time (this year, I'm going straight, ballet & pointe only) and it's looking like this is going to be an EXCELLENT year already. Thank you.

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Thank you, dancers :P


qtpie, I think most teachers expect the first few days to be a bit "rough", to say the least. Most of the students will have been off for a few weeks, and so will the teachers! :o

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:grinning: Ms. Leigh, that is a wonderful and inspiring article! I am so glad that I read it, as it will reinforce a positive, focused mindset everyday. Thank you again for reminding us why we do what we do!
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