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I tried the excersise with the tennis ball under the knees..

and now, when I sit on a chair and stretch my leg while I lift it my knee hurts a bit!

I think I might be a bit hypoextended!

If I stand in 6th position, and look in a mirror, my legs look normal from the outside, but if I stand on one leg and look at it from the inside it almost looks bent!

I can lift my legs about an inch when I sit with my legs straight in front of me with flexed feet on the floor..

And when I point my feet I can barely lift my heals..

Can I do something to get a little more hyperextended legs?

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No, you really cannot create hyperextension. It's a structural thing :grinning: However, they are not hyperextended if they look bent when you are standing on them. If they curve somewhat backwards that would indicate some hyperextension, but be sure you are standing straight and not pushing your pelvis forward (hips back) and that your weight is not back in your heels.

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Guest Soccerbeamgurl

Ms. Leigh- I know my knees are not hyper extended and so they alway look bent. also I am bowlegged is there anything I can do to make my legs look straight?

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