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Enough open classes!


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Ok, so I recently started taking open classes at ballet academy east and it's really great, and I really love ballet, but it's an open class, and that means I'm there with people in their 40's etc.

I just graduated high school and I'm taking a year off before college, and part of my plan is to spend atleast 5 or 6 months at a really good ballet school, in proper "graded" classes to see if ballet is something 1) I could be good at, and 2) I really love enough to continue.

Having said that, however, I realise I'm not good enough to go to a school that auditions for entry, and so I was planning to move to Carlisle and attend CPYB.

Anyway! My question! are there any other really good schools out there, where I could get really intense training that are likely to take me? Does that make sense?

Like I said, I'm not in school, so I can go pretty much anywhere, but since I'll be supporting myself, it'd be good if there was something in an area with low cost of living.

I hope that all makes sense, any suggestions?

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I would guess that if CPYB has a program for beginning students, you will probably get more intense training there than just about anywhere else. Most schools do not have an intense program for that level, at any age. I'm not sure if CPYB does or not, but there whole program is very intense and there seem to be lots and lots of classes. You will have to call and find out about your level though.

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Thankyou Ms. Leigh! I know that CPYB offers classes for beginning level students every day of the week, so that in itself is a draw, as opposed to one or two a week. But yes, I figured CPYB was plenty intense, but just wanted to ask around before taking a big step!


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