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Abdominals...lower or upper

Guest thepinkfairy

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Guest thepinkfairy

Just another question! Is using your lower abs- the ones right down, better than using your upper abs? I heard its better to use the lower ones, and to keep your upper ones relaxed when doing developes...but what about other times? :blushing::(

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That's part of the co-ordination issue I mentioned earlier. It's not better to use one or the other, the trick is, to learn to use them both properly. If you seize up the upper abs, you may not be able to take full breaths. And of course, the lower abs are pulled up and in, helping to support you in whatever it is that you do.

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Guest limeymauve

Speaking of abs, what are some good exercises for the lower abs? I know that class is the best exercise, but I don't have class every day and I like to do crunches as well. The trouble is that everything i do I seem to feel more in my upper abs, and the lower is where I feel I need more work. Sorry if this is off topic...

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Pull 'em in, pull 'em up. The good thing about this exercise is that it only takes one rep. And now the bad thing...all the time.


Good God, man, draw up your bowels!


Maj.-Gen. Emory Upton

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No, there really isn't. You might try some Pilates and have your trainer individualize some lower abs regimens for you. Everybody's different, that's why I can't be more particular than that.

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