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Impressed with my teacher


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(I took the stuff about blisters out so that it will just be talked about in the one thread)



Now on a complete unrelated note, yesterday I was sent home with instructions on how to sew my pointe shoe ribbons and elastics and today my teacher showed my how to tie them. While she was teaching me we talked about her dancing and it turns out she was actually a professional before she started teaching. She told me that during her career she was able to dance every lead she ever wanted to, Aurora, Cinderella, Giselle, Juliet etc... Turns out during her career span she was a principal for ABT, Boston Ballet and Metropolitian Opera. Quite a resume!


Just the companies and roles speak that she must have been amazing but her class is truly great. She teaches all the levels of adult classes. (Beginning, Intermediate and Beginning Pointe, no one at the studio is advanced) And she teaches them with the philosophy that age doesn't mean you don't deserve to learn it as well as the younger dancers. A lot of teachers aren't to big on correcting adults, because adults just do it for fun. She makes sure everything we do is beautiful, but her classes are fun- for adults. We chat a little, joke a little and dance our hearts out :wink: I'm so glad I found this studio, and hope after I move I find another similiar to it.

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Hi Skittl1321...


You might want to take a look at the following discussion for several good suggestions:

Recent Thread on Blister Treatment

On a separate note, I think it's wonderful that you've found such a serious, talented

dancer and talented teacher, and that they are the same person! That's marvelous.

I've found a similar studio just outside Philadelphia, and I drive about an hour each

way to go to their adult classes. I enjoy the energy level and dedication of the

teachers, and likewise of my fellow adult students.


Be sure to check in with folks on this forum when you make your move -- I'm

sure you'll find lots of good recommendations!


And I hope your foot is soon better... :wink:

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The last posting on the blister thread from Garyecht is the advise that I have been given as well by a dermatologist.


One more thing for comfort - you can tape a doughnut shaped pad around the blister to protect it from pressure. This is especially helpful when wearing pointe shoes. :dry:

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I guess I should be good and stop popping them then. It's just maddening because it's on the bottom of my heel, so I can't tape it. I've also never had a blister here before because they are usually from shoes rubbing, and who has shoes that rub the bottom of the heel? Serves me right for walking a mile barefoot.

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