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No Nutcracker!


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I'm soo relieved that my 13 yo daughter decided not to audition this year. I obviously cannot jump up and down in front of her so I am tellin you! :D She has just started dancing in the next level at her studio...now she goes 6 days/week. She just decided that since she was so busy with school and dance and her part would be so small anyway (too tall for "important" parts anymore) that she would pass. Also, she did not want to miss any of her regular ballet classes.

Trust me, the memories of the other 4 Nutcrackers are beyond priceless to all of us. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Nutcracker is usually the highlight of her year. However, the rehearsal/performance schedule is so disruptive to the rest of the family from September to January that I cannot help but be secretly relieved :P . I would drive to the moon for her but I really think it is a sign of maturity on her part that she is willing to move on....

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Flygirl and LRS, now you two will remember about such things as winter holidays. Last winter, my first Nut-less one in over 11 years, I participated in a cookie exchange, making up to 20 dozen cookies altogether by the time Christmas had arrived.


I decorated my house with care instead of tossing a few strands of garland about the house right before guests arrived. :D I pondered what new pie recipes I'd make instead of rushing into a bakery last minute only to find that I'd have to buy a supermarket brand because all the good stuff was gone. I had all the gifts wrapped as I bought them :lol: I went to Christmas parties with my friends :D instead of being on call for rushing out to drop off extra food to an exhausted dancer.


I'd forgotten that, 11 years before, those were the things I ALWAYS did at holiday time. Gradually through the years, it all became tiresome instead of joyful. What a great gift to get it all back again :P Although it felt odd not going to see my kiddo perform, having the time and energy back to do the little acts to celebrate holidays once again was such a treat.

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Guest Vicarmac

I had always thought we would miss it when the day came, but we enjoyed it instead. This will be her second year without. She did 6 years and it was always over the Thanksgiving week.

We have known kids (and sometimes the parents more so) that had trouble letting go. But it just seemed to be the right time for mine to be done. Just as it was never hard for mine to go from elem. to middle or then on to H.S. this just seemed right, she was too tall anyway but I think she might have opted out even if she hadn't been. She loved the experiences but it was time.

It was also nice to be able to go to a friend's annual campout, something my daughter had missed out on for those 6 years.

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Mine's still doing it. We thought last year would be the end of it for her :) Oh well, at least she's considered one of the young adults now and will be handling it all on her own. I'll have a hard time not going to each and every performance :wink: and of course if asked will do alterations, etc. Gets in your blood after so many years :rolleyes:

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My daughter acts as well as maintaining her ballet schedule. Truly a juggling act and especially so at Nut time. Her two allowable missed rehearsals last year were due to acting jobs


This year DD has opted to forego her studio's Nut, which has numerous local performances as well as a week-long tour out of state, to pursue other opportunities. Her reasoning? At her present height, she has the potential for three roles: Party Girl, Mouse, and Bon Bon. She was a Gingersnap (same as bon bon) two years ago, a soldier last year (with the touring company,) and this year she doesn't feel the available roles are worth blocking out so much of her schedule. Last year the kids were doing at least 3 performances a week from just before Thanksgiving until they got home from their tour three days before Christmas. DD missed her best friend's birthday party. This year she will be able to go.


DD says next year she may audition again as she will be taller and more roles will open up. There are some taller party girls and mice, but also candy canes, two featured roles in Arabian, and probably others that I don't know about. Two more inches to five feet, and I think Snow and Flowers open up then too. She says for once in her life taller will be better. She has several friends who aren't auditioning for the same reason - they've done the basic short kid roles and want to wait to try for taller things ;)


DD *is* auditioning for a smaller area Nut (many, many fewer performance dates,) but she is also auditioning for an important theatrical role; she says she'll make her choice when and if the callbacks come. She may be able to do both depending on rehearsal schedules. We'll cross those bridges when we get there.


But I am heaving a sigh of relief - our schedules are hectic enough without committing part of September, most of October, and virtually all of November and December to one non-paying role that doesn't contribute much to her resume.*


*note on that: My older daughter was a Party Child two years ago and I put it on her resume under "Stage." She had an agency audition and they asked her if that was a "speaking role!" LOLOL

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After switching schools, my DD took last year off from the Nut (or the "Ballbuster," as we like to call it in our family), and it was WONDERFUL! Ditto, ditto to what everyone else has said about rediscovering the joys of the season. When we do eventually reenter the world of Nut, it will be with a keener sense of commitment to what's most important to us as a family, and if that means saying "no, thank you" to a couple parts or backstage duties, we will. I have yet to read a resume or Playbill bio that says "would be a happier and more successful person today if only had taken that Arabian role in 1983." :P

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Come to think of it, this will be our first "nutless" season in quite a few years!




Have to say I don't think I'll miss it...........

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And now it turns out....


This will NOT be a Nut-Free year, but the one DD auditioned for has a *much* lighter schedule than the one at her home studio. :devil:

Should she be cast in the theater production I mentioned in my earlier post, the rehearsal/performance schedules look like they should mesh just fine.


So she is still busy, but will only have three Nut performances instead of about a month's worth. Not Nut-Free, but maybe Nut-Lite? lol.

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After reading these posts I realized that we never even considered having Dd audition for other Nuts in the area! :shrug: I guess it is because she has done so many Nuts with different schools that it isn't a big priority for her. Her focus and goals for her training have changed and Nut isn't a factor right now.

We are looking forward to doing all of the things that vagansmom listed this holiday season. I may even cook and decorate the house! I guess that is one of the good things about Nutcracker you have an excuse if you don't get everything done at Christmas! :D

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After having escaped Nutcracker for two years, my daughter's residency school is doing the full length Nut, in cooperation with the public high school theatre department (for party and battle scenes) and the school's newly formed division for younger community students. Fortunately she is many states away and I will be coming in the third day of performances so there will be no hair curling, costuming, relentless listening of Nut music etc. although I am already getting the play by play on the audition process over the phone................

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LRS, there are some advantages to being a non-Nut parent. DH has an annual meeting in NYC in December and this is the first year DD and I will be able to accompany him. In addition to seeing a few Broadway plays we have tickets for NYCB’s Nut. I’m looking forward to sitting next to DD and enjoying the performance while other DPs anxiously watch their DKs dance.

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A huge high-five to everyone who gets to take a break from Nut and actually participate in the holidays! :thumbsup:


We are not so lucky, but I am taking my DS to see a bigger Nut production (than the one he is in) put on by the school he is switching to, since it occurred to me that he never gets to see one all the way through!! (boy=usually in both casts)


At least those of you who at Nut-free this year give me hope for the future!! :lol::pinch:



(who will be driving DS 40 minutes each way to do a short 30 minute Nut rehearsal tonight--UGH :shhh: )

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