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No Nutcracker!


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We are already enjoying the advantages of a non-Nut year at our house! Well non dancing Nut. This week dd and I will see 2 Nuts of Ballet Alert friends. We will actually get to leave town and see relatives this year! :shhh:


Dd has been watching the company members rehearse Nut between her classes at the academy for the last few months. We also have a great day planned to go and see the company Nutcracker next month. I hadn't realized it until you mentioned it-thedriver that this will actually be the first time we have ever sat by our dd during the Nutcracker!


This is going to be a wonderful holiday season!

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Here's Flygirl checking back in...

Thank you BAlert for listening. :grinning:

My DD REALLY is missing not having the Nutcracker commitment this year even though it was her decision. We will go see our carpool buddy be Clara and of course be happy for her :yes: ...but my DD is a bit sad to be in the audience. Maybe next year I will encourage her to do another area "Nut"....am I Nuts? She is sad to not have any performing opportunities. The school she attends has a spring performance but it is not anything elaborate. Very little class time is used for rehearsal so it is not that big a deal. I realise it is good to not be in a "recital school" but she just loves being part of a performance. Perhaps she can organize a caroling group for the holidays this year!

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Gee, and I thought I had it easy because our Nut was over Thanksgiving weekend! DD has only 2 more years of Nut before she's off to college so I'll be joining the Nut-less Wonders before you know it. :wub: Haven't posted since October because DD was Clara (!), Bon-bon, Snow, Chinese demi-solo, and lead Mouse.

Then, aggghhhh! :( The school was invited to perform in another Nut in mid-December in Southern California. She'll be Flower, Arabian side, and Chinese corps. I am going to be a chaperone because the hotel has a free happy hour . . .

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DD is away at residency, with the first of nine performances going on as we speak. She has been dead tired this week and loving every minute of it. I actually miss a bit of it, but am also greatful for the break. I do not miss the craziness but I REALLY MISS HER. Hope the bouquet of flowers delivered to the theater made it to her. I will travel up to see her for the final weekend, and bring her back home for the break. Two more weeks.......... Letting her go was the most unselfish thing I have ever done. (OK, except the part about not having to drive :wub: )

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