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dancers in Australia!!!

Guest paolo81

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Hi mates,

if an ausralian dancer is here answer me!!!

I'm an italian dancer(I'm working in Rome ballet) and I want to go in Melbourne...

I have heard that it's impossible to work in Australia for foreigners because of visa.


Is it true?

I'm searching a small-medium contemporary company...

what do you say? Do they take foreigners?





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Hi! I'm in Australia, although not in Melbourne currently (I grew up there).

Here's a government website with info on visas.



Here are two modern dance companies in Melbourne.




There are not that many dance jobs in Australia, so there may be a lot of competition for jobs. Although employers are likely to be impressed if you have trained at a big name school in Europe!


Hope that this helps!

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thank you for your help,Wembley... :P


I see you well informed!

Do you know other contemporary companys in Aus?

Do you know if they study classic in this company?

In Europe there are 2 types of contemporary company:

With obligatory classical base or Without.

Is it the same in aus?

Can you tell me which is the one with the classical base?


I like the first type of company. :helpsmilie:

I'm sorry for all these questions.

grazie per l'aiuto!!!

(thanks for help)



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Speaking of Australia, our whole family is thinking of travelling to Sidney and various other spots in Australia this spring as a 75th birthday present holiday for my mother! My daughter is really worried about being able to get to a class since we are talking about being away for at least two weeks. Can anyone suggest good schools there where one can drop in and take a class in the STEPS style, in Sidney or Melbourne or any other cities we might be visiting (details of trip very foggy at this point)?





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Oh dear! I'm afraid that I don't know the answers to any of those questions!


Paolo, I would suggest emailing the companies and asking about whether they are classical base or not.


MCRM, I'm sorry but I haven't lived in Sydney, and when I lived in Melbourne I went to a local ballet studio, so I don't know about anywhere with drop-in classes. What I would suggest is doing a search through the Australian Yellowpages (http://www.yellowpages.com.au/search/searchEntry.do) and seeing if you can find anywhere through their ads. But hopefully somebody else will have a better answer for you!

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mcrm55 There are many good dance schools in Sydney, if you explain what STEPS style is I might be able to give some suggestions.

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mcrm55 STEPS is like a drop in class isn't it? I believe that in Melbourne Dance World 301 does that, I'll do some looking around for you.




Sydney Dance Company - http://sydneydancecompany.com/

Dance Central - http://www.dancecentral.com.au


That's all I can find for Sydney that has drop in classes, but if you try the DANCEtrain website (http://www.dancetrain.com.au/) you might be able to find some more. Enjoy your trip!

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