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Guest Rebornbyballet

I've never thought much of "Cosmo" magazine. I guess most guys don't, but I'm totally shocked that they would list going to see a ballet performance as unromantic. Who are they kiding?????? Going to see a ballet live is one of the most romantic, exciting, tear generating experiences I've shared with the girls in my life. In fact, it was seeing NYC Ballet at Lincoln Center last fall that helped me decide to give ballet lessons a try.


Even if you are a die hard ballet fan, you haven't totally experienced what ballet is truly like until you've seen one live!!! Forget Cosmo, take your lover to see a ballet, and I'll guarntee that it'll be the thrill of your lives!!!

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Somebody ought to write an article for Esquire on "Ten Slick, Hip, Modern Ways to Meet Women":


1)  Go to the ballet....




I know that this is an old thread..........however, one could also say:


2) BECOME a ballet dancer! :D What better way to be surrounded by women?????

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Did Cosmo ever print an apology for listing going to see a ballet as a turn off?

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Lol, I don't think so.. but then again, none of the women I think highly of have a good opinion about Cosmo. Endless editions telling women how to build up their self-esteem. Please. Skating and ballet have done more for my self-esteem than any magazine ever could.


What the heck is a Cosmo girl anyway. :devil:

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LOL, Skye, you are so right...self-esteem, yeah, dance really gives you more self-esteem rather than Cosmo.

I just wonder what the writer of this articel was thinking of....why shouldn't you do romantic things? :devil:

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I think the folks at Cosmo have been getting hate mail for decades, perhaps even

from guys, so we need another strategy. My suggestion: infiltrate, and then stage

a takeover from within. Once we've taken over the company, we raise the reading level

of the combined magazine to, say, 6th or 7th grade and require that each article has

one (gasp!) verified source. Poof! The readership disappears, and they are history.

I know what you're thinking -- "He's just a clueless guy -- how could he get them

interested in a buyout?" Here's the bait:




10 Secrets For Keeping Your Partner! Is your pas-de-deux

becoming a solo part? Here's how to keep him out of the

wings and on stage with YOU!


This week's HOTTEST pointe shoe styles! What's in,

what's out, and what the STARS are wearing!!!!


Dumped by your partner? Get even! We show you ways to

kick him with your pointe shoes and make it seem like an accident!


Balletmo Quiz : Are you a prima ballerina? Or just a member

of the corps? Rate yourself with our easy survey!


Balletmo Confidential : Ballerinas told us the things they LOVE

and HATE about their Artistic Directors! We promised not to tell.

We lied.


Paloma Herrera shares her bobbypin secrets and backstage tips

on making a heartstoppingly gorgeous hairbun. Find out what's

in her dancebag!


Using Astrology to Improve Your Turn Out! Secrets of the Ancient

Mystics brought to the barre for the first time.


Are you the LAST to know? Is he taking classes at another studio?

Other ballerinas share their stories of betrayal, and how they

fought to win back their danseurs.


The 10 Best and Worst Tutus of 2004 -- See the surprising truth!



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DreadPirateRoberts, that's Hilarious! How did you come up with all of those? the are SOO funny! I read them to my sister and she thought it was a real magazine!

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DreadPirateRoberts, those future column topics were great!!!


The only way to get people to understand that ballet is not the childish or dumb pasttime that they uneducatedly think it is is to educate them about it. It breaks my heart that ballet is not more respected/appreciated in the portion of the USA that I live in. I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong time period or wrong country. I heard that in Cuba ballet companies are government subsidized. The ballet dancers also go into the mental hospitals and teach ballet to the patients. I don't know if this still happens today, but I think that it is wonderful. I don't know that government subsidization is an answer for our country because that money comes with strings attached, and the arts should be free of boundaries, and our government doesn't exactly have extra money for the arts, but it seems like it could be a good thing. Also, ballet performances in Cuba are free, so everyone can attend. Maybe in Cuban Cosmopolitan (or the equivalent) ballet is not dissed, because everyone has seen it, atleast as a child in school maybe?, and while they may not appreciate it, they may atleast respect it.

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Guest Danzer7

lol not being a Cosmo reader I never caught that but its pretty amusing. My boyfriend always tries to drag his whole family with him to see me dance, and he really loves performing arts other than the fact that I'm in them to. I guess they just think men have no appreciation for art. Which really makes me think...who in hecks name is working there? I like the idea to infiltrate in and take over.


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Guest Adrienne
What Cosmo Guy could resist a ballet drenched in blood and violence that includes a pas de trois, the third party of which is a severed head????


Ballet for Dummies has a short list of ballets you might want to avoid on a date: The Rite of Spring, The Invitation, and Othello. I like the blurb they have about Othello: "This brilliant retelling of the story of the Moor of Venice, immortalized by Shakespeare... is full of violent sounds and images -- ending with the jealous Othello strangling his wrongfully accused wife. Save this one for marriage."


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However, I did notice that in a later issue (Dec 04) of cosmo it recommended that you should "leave your comfort zone" and "venture into a new activity where you have nothing to lose but regret"


They once again used ballet. We see in the picture a girl in a sports bra and yoga pants stretching at the barre, one in a bikini top and pants grand jete-ing in the background. A girl in a tiny leotard on pointe, with no ribbons and another in a tennis skirt and long sleeve skirt doing some sort of stretch on the floor.


The caption is "I'm new to the barre. Been pirouetting long?"


While they portray it kinda weird (bikini tops?) ballet is shown in a positive light.

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That is an improvement for Cosmo. where did they come up with those outfits, though?? Do they really think that dancers dress that way???

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