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Magazines: Ballet in Cosmo

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I used to think "60 Minutes" was real investigatory reporting. Then, they "investigatively reported" on a topic/issue I knew quite abit about and realized they had an agenda.


I also used to think that accompanying "non-model" shots for magazine stories about "ordinary" people were true-to-life. Then, my daughters and I were photographed for a story about professionals working part-time for Kiplinger's magazine a few years back. The photographer wanted a "typical" teen's room, so I figured the girls' rooms would be fine. DD had beautiful dance posters all over her room and had "sorta" picked up---not enough, much to my chagrin. Non-DD's room was as usual---very picked up, neat and full of stuffed dogs and marionnettes. The photographer decided DD's room was best for the photos. She then pulled clothes out of drawers and closed them so the clothes were hanging out (which I must admit is a more typical look for DD's drawers); removed the beloved ballet posters and replaced them with---OH NO!!!---BRITNEY SPEARS posters that photographer had with her. She also flipped through some teen magazines in DD's room and ripped out a few other pictures of various "teen" heartthrobs. By the time she was through setting the photo set, it no longer resembled DD's room or personality at all.


DD was mortified to have Britney Spears on her wall and took to sulking (photographer was thrilled to have a moody teen--honestly, she LOVED that and took individual pictures of DD). Britney came down as soon as the photographer began packing her stuff.


Now, I figure everything in the magazine photos (and perhaps some, if not alot of the copy) is pretty staged.


So, that photo spread in Cosmo was (obvious to all of us) NOT about ballet, but about some uneducated-in-ballet photographer's idea of adding to her portfolio.

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Wow... interesting experience. I kind of assumed everything was staged, but it is interesting to see how much they change when shooting on locations.


As for the cosmo thing i described, it was actually an illustration, but it is funny to see what magazines think should be reality

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That is an improvement for Cosmo.  where did they come up with those outfits, though??  Do they really think that dancers dress that way???


Fashion is a constant change of style and I think it is a great idea to integrate ballet in a fashion shooting. Fashion can be a theatrical event. As far as I remember, Chanel had a catwalk shoe with model in pointe shoes :) I love the indisciplinary approach of the fashion world

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Quoting DSL:

Fashion is a constant change of style and I think it is a great idea to integrate ballet in a fashion shooting. Fashion can be a theatrical event.


So I guess to Cosmo, it could have been a fashion event, not a ballet class....in my mind, at least, those are two different things! :)

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Well, like the rest of you i have to completely and totally disagree with Cosmo. I think ballets are very romantic. A lot of ballets are love stories afer all! And there happens to be a whole genre of ballet called, what else but, ROMANTIC. But honestly, just imagine sitting in a theatre watching these graceful dancers flit across the stage while lilting music plays in the background... maybe i'm just odd but thats my idea of romantic! I've never been too fond of Cosmo in the first place, but now im definitely turned off.

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So I guess to Cosmo, it could have been a fashion event, not a ballet class....in my mind, at least, those are two different things! :D


I dont mind the combination of fashion and ballet at all. However, in Matthew Bournes Swan Lake programme, there is an advertising for washing machines with a ballerina en pointe. This really doesnt work together :)

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The current issue of Cosmopolitan magazine (the one with Britney Spears on the cover) includes a list of 'Ten Romantic Things That you Should NEVER Do for Your Boyfriend' (things that, according to Cosmo, would turn men off). Item #8: Never take him to the ballet.


Huh??? What are the Cosmo editors snorting?  wink.gif


if a girl offered to take me to the Ballet, she could have her way with me afterwards!





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I know this thread is old, but I just had to reply because i read cosmo.


The article wasn't neccessarily trying to knock ballet. They were thinking more along the terms of the average male minds. And those male minds don't find ballets particularily interesting. I don't think they have a problem with watching the girls, more so the men in the tight leotards that accentuate there.....um.. you know and prancing around. (which probably has alot to do with men being turned off of ballet.)

But if your man doesn't mind ballet, then you know he is comfortable with himself and he doesn't care so much about what his buddies think. (Theres a word for it I can't think of it right now)


My spouse thinks ballet is boring. I accept that it's not his thing so long as he supports me getting back into ballet classes without mocking me. I would rather take my daughter for a girls night out to see ballet than drag him along just listen to him complain his "jokes".


magazines are for entertainment purposes only. Not to be taken seriously. You wouldn't follow Cosmo's medical diagnosis's without going to a doctor right? Those lists are not a do or die scenario. I actually find them a little funny. don't take it too seriously.

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However, I did notice that in a later issue (Dec 04) of cosmo it recommended that you should "leave your comfort zone" and "venture into a new activity where you have nothing to lose but regret"


They once again used ballet. We see in the picture a girl in a sports bra and yoga pants stretching at the barre, one in a bikini top and pants grand jete-ing in the background. A girl in a tiny leotard on pointe, with no ribbons and another in a tennis skirt and long sleeve skirt doing some sort of stretch on the floor.


The caption is "I'm new to the barre. Been pirouetting long?"


While they portray it kinda weird (bikini tops?) ballet is shown in a positive light.


LOL It's a bar pick up line!!!

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